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dating tips from a 50s magazine

This Throwback 129 Ways To Get A Husband Article Shows Just How Much The World's Changed

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nsfw emojis article

Internet's Dying After Newspaper Hilariously Tries Translating NSFW Emojis

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insensitive headlines about transgender couple

Trans Couple Puts Newspaper On Blast Over Insensitive Headline Fail

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funny bizarre wtf headlines

16 Timelessly Bizarre Newspaper Headlines That Demand Answers

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Harambe of the Day: Fake Story Circulated About Harambe McHarambeface Wins-Then-Disappoints-Internet

trending twitter news daily mirror fail lol mcharambeface winning zoo contest name
Via @DailyMirror

Fail of The Day: Newspaper Ad Looking For Nurse Includes 'No Haitians'

Fail of The Day: Newspaper Ad Looking For Nurse Includes 'No Haitians'
Via NY Daily News

Full Page Ad of the Day: Eugene Mirman Pays for a Very Public Parking Ticket Protest

Eugene Mirman takes out a full page ad protesting his parking ticket.
Via jgb919

Fail of the Day: Israeli Paper Photoshops Women Out of Charlie Hebdo Rally

news photoshop Probably bad News newspaper - 8426750720
Via The Guardian

A New Zealand Newspaper Just Ran a Photo of Ryan Dunn Instead of an Israeli Soldier's

whoops newspaper - 8271277056
Via Independent

Latin American Paper Publimetro Just Committed the Worst Ad Placement Crime in Recent Memory

transformers news facepalm newspaper - 8250853632
Via Issuu

Touché of the Day: The Best Trolling Advice to a Homophobic Parent

advice newspaper parenting trolling - 7919030016
Via The Washington Post

Artsy Fart of the Day: Classic Newspaper Photos Transformed into Selfies

art classic newspaper photography vintage selfie artsy fart - 7907057152
Via The Laughing Squid

This Isn’t Shopped of the Day

FAIL newspaper - 6887503360
Via Hyper Vocal

Not Sure Which Part is More Suspicious

police newspaper - 6851642112
Via Reddit

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