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Nope of The Day: California Student Has Live Tapeworm Removed From Brain After Migraine Troubles

Nope Nope Nope of The Day: California Student Has Live Tapeworm Removed From Brain After Migraine Troubles
Via BuzzFeed News

Rachel Dozeal of the Day: White 8th Grader Calls School's Intolerance Over Her Dreads Discrimination

White dreaded girl calls racial discrimination on school that can't stand her hair.
Via FOX 13

Nope of the Day: Don't Mess with These Thousands of Texan Spiders Who Teamed Up to Spin This Mega-Web

Thousands of Spiders make a mega web and destroy your sanity. Nothing can stop them now.
Via io9

NOPE of the Day: An Australian Man on Vacation in Bali Discovers a Tropical Spider Living Underneath His Skin

spiders wtf nope - 8349739264
Via Dylan Thomas

Clever Spider of the Day: Charlotte is Upping Her Game

clever nope spiders pics - 8339656960
Via reverseloop
damn nature you scary nope spaghetti Video - 64797441

Damn Nature, You Scary of the Day: Aaand Here We Have a Giant Red Leech Slurping Up a Giant Worm Like Spaghetti

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nope animals - 64398337

NOPE of the Day: Check Out the Close-up View of a Huge Wasp Nest on a Man's Window

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nope spiders Video - 64068097

NOPE of the Day: You Won't Believe What This Girl is Hiding in Her Mouth

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spiders nope - 63734529

NOPE of the Day: Burn This Shed Down

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nope - 62716673

Terrifying Ride of the Day: POV Free Fall From the "Sky Tower"

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NOPE of the Day: The Bees Have Taken Over

pics nope bees Photo - 8259661312
Via Boooland

Photo of the Day: The Growing Process of Wasps

insects nope Photo - 8258478080
Via Ataraxias
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