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top ten daily tweets from white people twitter | Person - Mr. Mack Matters Worse @aewsome Imagine designing this most perfect Olympics logo all time, and then they have move 2021 2. TOKYO

Top 10 White People Tweets (July 27, 2020)

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Hilarious sports memes that will have you chuckling all day long. The cover photo is of Usain Bolt holding a cheetah with a caption of it being him celebration with his "son" due to his quickness

Get Yourself Ready For the All Star Break With These Perfect Sports Memes

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collection of fantastic professional sports related memes to satisfy everyone from casual followers to die-hard fans. The cover photo is of Squidward as Coutinho sleeping alone as his former team Liverpool won the Champions League

Sports Memes To Soothe Every Craving

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usain bolt girlfriends

A Picture of Usain Bolt Making Out With a Random in Rio Has Terrified the Internet

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Ellen DeGeneres photoshopped into riding Usain Bolt's back

People Are Calling Ellen DeGeneres a Racist for Her Tweet About Usain Bolt

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ping pong player photoshops

The Photoshop Battle of This Olympic Ping Pong Player Had to Be Done

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top 12 most interesting gifs of the week

Twelve Most Interesting GIFs This Week

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Funny memes, saturday memes, hipster memes, millennial memes.

27 Random Memes To Ease You Into Saturday

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family guy olympics - 83637505

Man of the Day: Inflatable Tube Man and His Gold Medal Origins

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Cool Fact of the Day: Paralympics Medals Make Different Noises So Visually Impaired Athletes Can Identify Which One They Have

trending paralympics twitter news 2016 rio medals make noises visually impaired
Via @Olympics
A medal like no other! These Paralympic winners are listening to their medals! For the first time ever, the Paralympic Games have placed a device inside the medals that use tiny steel balls to make a sound when they are shaken, allowing visually impaired athletes to identify which type they are. The bronze medals have 16 steel balls and make the lowest sound. The silver ones have 20 balls and the golds have 28, producing the loudest noise. All of the medals also have the words 'Rio 2016 Paralym…

Lochte Shot of the Day: The Internet Responds to Dancing With the Stars Protesters

trending instagram video news olympian ryan lochte 2016 rio dancing with the stars attack
Via @eddiemoses
Two Dudes Rushed Lying Olympian Ryan Lochte on Dancing With the Stars Wearing Anti-Lochte Shirts This crap is getting old! I love u @ryanlochte and respect you putting yourself out there, you are one of a kind!! ... #respect A video posted by Ed Moses (@eddiemoses) on Sep 12, 2016 at 7:14pm PDT The Debate Over Lochte Is in Full Swing Where Many Had Excellent Points Like this.... ...and this: And also this: Some People Didn't Buy His Comeback AT ALL... Wanting him to get more punishment... Tying…

Best View of the Day: Rio Paralympian Shares Video From Center Court

trending news paralympian gordon reid rio 2016 twitter video tennis
Via @GordonReid91

Comeuppance of the Day: Liar Lochte Finally Gets Punishment of 10-Month Suspension

trending news olympics 2016 ryan lochte swimming suspension punishment sports
Via NY Post
news al roker ryan lochte trending Video olympics - 82213633

Rant of the Day: Al Roker Calls Ryan Lochte a Liar on International TV

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Hotness of the Day: Tinder Reveals Most Right-Swiped Athletes in Rio

trending news tinder reveal most swiped rio olympians
Via Mashable

Link Roundup of the Day: What you Missed This Weekend and TV & Movies You Won't Want to Miss this Fall

trending news roundup fall tv olympics swimsuits thor filming trump
Via iO9 Gizmodo
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