I-HOP Customers Are Outraged at What Their Server Called Them and Thus Another Viral Receipt Is Born
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Arainia Brown and her boyfriend Rolman Sparkman just wanted to get take-out from the delicious breakfast (and sometimes other meals) food chains I-HOP. They ended up coming away with a tasty dinner and an offensive receipt. Their server apparently typed in "BLACK PPL" to describe them and both Brown and Sparkman feel like he could have used a better term to identify the patrons. Rather than cause a stir and bring up the issue to a manager, Brown posted the receipt online which caused it to go viral. The couple have even done an interview explaining why they felt so upset:

To complicate matters, their server was also Black. Partly because of this, responses on the internet have ranged from calling their outrage justified to ridiculous. The general consensus is that it was rude at best. I-HOP has apologized and according to the video, so has the server. 

Fail of The Day: Giant Sinkhole at IHOP in Mississippi Swallows 12 Cars
Via AP
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The parking lot at an IHOP in Mississippi wanted to get in on that all-you-can-eat pancakes deal.

So it ate 12 cars.

From the Associated Press:

Emergency crews were called to the IHOP restaurant in Meridian on Saturday evening and found a section of parking lot about 35 feet wide and 400 feet long had collapsed. Cars, trucks and sport utility vehicles had dropped into the gash in the earth, which appeared to be about 15 feet deep.

No injuries were reported.

Big things are happening in Meridian, Mississippi.

Bad Joke of The Day: IHOP Tweets Horrible Joke, Immediately Regrets It
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Let's stick to making mediocre breakfast, IHOP. Social media isn't for you.

The pancake house is in deep syrup after making a joke on Twitter Sunday that fell...flat.

The reaction to the joke was swift, which likened a stack of pancakes to a women with a flat chest.

But this isn't the first time IHOP has tried variations of misogyny. It looks like the company tweeted about a "butter face" back in March.

It didn't take long for IHOP to tweet out an apology. It almost seems like they knew the backlash was coming.


wtf recipes pancakes isis - 8390903040
Via Vocativ
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As part of their initiative to recruit women, ISIS has released a recipe for pancakes.

Earlier this year, the terrorist group established a finishing school called "Al-Zawra," to attract women to the cause who are "interested in explosive belt and suicide bombing more than a white dress or a castle or clothing or furniture."

The school provides training in areas like sewing, cooking, first aid and social media so women can assist their husbands in battle.

The pancakes post is a follow up to their "balls of date mush" recipe from earlier in November and is pretty basic.

The biggest atrocity: they suggest honey and not maple syrup.