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Attempted Dab of the Day: Paul Ryan Shuts Down Lawmaker’s Son’s Dab During Photo Op

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#horsesandbayonets of the Day

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The RNC Isn't Laughing of the Day

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VP Debate Hair Switch of the Day

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And The Winner Is... of the Day

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@LaughinJoeBiden of the Day

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VP Debate Preview of the Day

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Say What Now: Election Edition of the Day

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Bad Lip Reading paul ryan Video - 42693121

Paul Ryan Gets The Bad Lip Reading Treatment of the Day

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Totally Legit Newsfeed of the Day

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Conservative Lorax of the Day

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#FutureMittJokes of the Day

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Yearbook Poll of the Day

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Vice Presidential Nominee of the Day

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Single-Serving Site of the Day

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