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Pepsi is a caffeinated beverage, and it is always in competition and compared to Coca-Cola. It was originally created and developed in 1893 by Caleb Bradham.

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Meme Roundup: The PR Axis of Evil

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Reason of the Day: Video Explains Why New Coke Didn’t Work — Unlike Crystal Pepsi, Which We Still Enjoy Today

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Nostalgia of the Day: 23 Years Later, Crystal Pepsi Returns!

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#TBT of the Day: Pepsi Used to Brag About Having a Lot of Calories

Pepsi was really proud about having a lot of calories
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Genius Marketing of the Day: Pepsi Pranks London Bus Commuters With Augmented Reality

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Product Discrimination of the Day

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Another Follow-Up of the Day: Proponent of Shoot-First Law Loses Major Backers

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