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Police. Cops. Popo. 5-O. Whatever officer might be looking for, you'll find all that here and more. These coppers will charge you up like a battery, so get a shock to your system with witty police humor.

police stops driver named homer simpson

Driver Whips Out Most Unexpected ID When Stopped By Police

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cops finds genius way to punish an 18 year old

Policeman Finds Genius Way To Punish 18-Year-Old Who Legally Drove 115 MPH

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kangaroo saved from drowning

Australian Police Rescued a Drowning Kangaroo At The Beach

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911 dispatchers share stories

48 Frustrated 911 Dispatchers Share Dumbest Calls They've Gotten

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police searching for a short guy

Pint-Sized Dude Gets Ruthlessly Roasted On Police Department's Wanted Notice

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oblivious shopper customer service story

Baffled Retail Employee Tells Story of Oblivious Lady Trying to Shop

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20 hilarious posts shared by police officers in Australia are sweeping the internet - Dog calling police to report owner gone for a while 12 seconds.

Police Officers In Australia Share Their Daily Work In A Series Of Hilarious Posts

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pig in police uniform

A Tiny Pig in a Police Uniform Posed With Some Real Officers and the Internet Went Hog Wild

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life hacks for when cops pull you over

A Quick List Of Helpful Advice For If A Police Officer Pulls You Over

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new spiderman lasso device could be the end of tasers

Police Start Using Spiderman Lasso Instead of Tasers

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Arrest of the Day: 9-Year-Old Police Officer Puts The Grinch Who Stole Christmas Behind Bars

police - 8996051456
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proposal police - 84129537

Proposal of the Day: Biker Stages Scene of Police Brutality To Make the Most Disturbing Proposal Video of the Year

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Police Officer of the Day: Florida Police Ticket Car With Dead Driver Inside for Four Days

police in florida ticket car with dead driver inside
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Punishment of the Day: Canadian Police Will Sentence Drunk Drivers to Listen to Nickleback

canadian police punish drunk drivers with nickleback
funny police - 83879169

Altercation of the Day: Man Won’t Stop Whistling Semisonic’s “Closing Time,” Woman Calls Police

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Prank of the Day: Wildlife Camera Catches Weirdos in Costume

Police in Gardner Kansas Take Wildlife Photos Catch Weirdos in Costume on Camera
Via Gardner Police Department
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