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funny men's march trolling

Patton Oswalt and Piers Morgan Plan a 'Men's March' and Things Get Absolutely and Hilariously Savage

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slap to the face tweets

'Slap In The Face' Parody Tweets Are Hilarious Political Satire At Its Finest

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Political News Roundup of the Day

trending political news roundup trump clinton cox call for recipes
Via Illustration by Alex Bihm/The Collegian

Political Conspiracy Theory of the Day: Trump in it for a Better TV Deal

trending politics news donald trump president michael moore tv deal conspiracy theory
Via Michael Moore / AlterNet

Alleged American Terrorists of the Day

Occupy Movement political regular terrorists - 6246229504
Via dailyintel

Presidential Rally of the Day

election 2012 news obama political politics rally regular - 6197894400
Via politicalticker

Presidential Plans of the Day

afghanistan news political politics President Obama regular - 6194591744
Via politicalticker

Trayvon Martin Sociological Painting of the Day

art George Zimmerman painting Photo political Trayvon Martin - 6141625088
Via machinefactory

CISPA Continues to Make the Internet Mad News of the Day

cispa news political regular - 6112727296
Via mashable

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