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trump memes of Donald Trump meeting Obama in the Whitehouse to take over the presidency

Awkward Interactions as Trump Prepares to Become President Have Given Rise to Plenty of Memes

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ICYMI of the Week: All the News We Didn't Get to Print

news cnn election coverage entertainment king kong
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twitter donald trump Hillary Clinton election 2016 reactions captain america celeb election politics - 1124101

Celebrities React to Last Night's Election Results on Twitter

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Promise of the Day: 'TeamBJ' Vows to Give Every Bad Hombre Who Votes Against Trump a Special Reward

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stephen colbert youtube vote donald trump jon stewart Hillary Clinton TV comedy election Video politics - 83486721

Reunion of the Day: Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert Deliver One Last Trump Spit Take

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donald trump john oliver political pictures Video politics - 83470593

John Oliver Is Here to Confess and Admit That Yes, He Is the One Responsible for Donald Trump

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Alert of the Day: Officials Warn of Possible Terror Attack on Election Day

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Via @TheHill
parody election 2012 Office politics - 83395841

This is What it Would Be Like If Congress Was Your Co-Worker

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October Surprise of the Day: FBI Reopens Hillary Clinton Email Investigation

fbi reopens hillary clinton email scandal
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list donald trump troll politics - 932869

Patton Oswalt's Questioning of the Ridiculous #TrumpCantSwim Ended When Pharma Bro Jumped in to Poorly Troll Oswalt and Got His Ass Handed To Him

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Trump's VP Nominee Mike Pence used to Draw Cartoons Just as Dull as He is IRL

trendings news trump nominee pence cartoon artist
Via Esquire

WIN of the Day: Brits Change 404 Error Page to Troll Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn

trending politics news brits troll jeremy corbyn 404 error page
Via EveningStandard
guns news sports drugs nfl instagram trending football weed snoop dogg Video politics - 82081025

Reasonable Argument of the Day: Snoop Talks NFL Guns vs. Weed Debate, Wins.

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Political News Roundup of the Day

trending political news roundup trump clinton cox call for recipes
Via Illustration by Alex Bihm/The Collegian

Political Conspiracy Theory of the Day: Trump in it for a Better TV Deal

trending politics news donald trump president michael moore tv deal conspiracy theory
Via Michael Moore / AlterNet
donald trump pac man political pictures Video politics - 81862145

Trump's Latest Political Campaign Ad Takes a Shot at Hillary Clinton through Mocking Her as 'Ms Pac Man'

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