art potato This Picture of a Potato is Worth €1 Million
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This isn't just any potato, it's a potato photographed by Kevin Abosch. This piece, according to his website, is called Potato #345.  One of only three prints of this exclusive work of art has just been sold to an unnamed businessman for €1 Million. According to Abosch, as he told the Sunday Times, the transaction started like this:

“We had two glasses of wine and he said, ‘I really like that’. Two more glasses of wine and he said: ‘I really want that.’

Abosch is known for stunning portraits of famous people, like Malala Yousafzai, and now also potatoes. 

via Kevin Abosch

Cuteness of The Day: This Brazilian Teen is Best Friends With a Potato And The Internet Loves it
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Roberta Bernardo, a 19-year-old student from São Paulo, Brazil, has a new friend.

Her new friend is a potato. The potato is named Potato.

It all started when she went to the supermarket and noticed this happy looking potato baby. Naturally, she decided to purchase the little darling and adopt it as her own.

Then she bathed Potato.

And gave Potato a makeover.

Sexy Potato.

Bernardo has been keeping Potato in the fridge so she doesn't rot.

"Life is ephemeral," Bernardo told BuzzFeed Brazil. "I believe she will live these moments as if they were the last, enjoying the laurels of fame."

You can follow Potato's adventures over on her fan page.