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ben carson presidential campaign fruit Ben Carson Truly Knows the Measure of a Man (or Woman)
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When asked how he would vet a Supreme Court justice nominee, presidential hopeful Ben Carson said he would judge them by "the fruit salad of their life". 


With hard-hitting statements like that it's hard to understand why some people were not impressed by the debate. 

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Others just couldn't stop looking at John Kasich's hands, obviously he was just helping with that fruit salad. 

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Oh well, at least we all learned a new phrase. May the fruit salad of your life be bountiful and free of those green melon pieces that nobody likes.  

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During a town hall meeting in Fairfax, VA, John Kasich proudly proclaimed that during some of his earlier political campaigns women "left their kitchens" to support him. Since there are people out there who view women as real people who aren't confined to the kitchen, that didn't go over very well. 

Obviously the protesters and opponents of Kasich took that comment and ran with it to voice their criticism. 

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What might be surprising is that even his supporters wouldn't put up with that comment. At the very end of the video a woman stands up to ask a question. She can't help but start off by bringing up the comment about women coming out of the kitchen, saying, "I'll come to support you. But I won’t be coming out of the kitchen."

When asked about it in an interview with CNN he sort of apologized, saying "Sure! I'm sorry," when the anchor asked why he didn't just apologize to the people who might have been offended.  

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Depending on your political leanings, Marco Rubio can be accused of a lot of bad things but going off message is not one of them. He really, really sticks to his point. When Chris Christie said that Rubio was repeating a speech that he had memorized he responded to that by repeating the same speech, sometimes verbatim, three more times.

So of course Robot Rubio became a thing.

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Which came to it's natural conclusion with a guy dressing up as a robot and joining Rubio supporters holding up signs. 

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And that's what led to this video of Robot Rubio being half heartedly attacked by a Rubio supporter until he realized he was caught on camera.