Animals Of Instagram Spotlight Of The Week: Cocoa Puff The Giant Rabbit

Once a week, we will be featuring an extraordinary animal account on Instagram! Their story, the adorable pictures, and pawesome videos! This week's spotlight goes to Cocoa Puff, the giant rabbit

And when we say giant, we mean it. Cocoa Puff has over 340k followers of Instagram, making him not only a giant rabbit but a giant star. Cocoa Puff is what's known as a "Continental Giant," at the age of 2, Cocoa Puff weighed 18.5lbs.

And hilariously enough, when a fan online asked why they decided to name him Cocoa Puff, the answer was that Cocoa Puff's poops resembled the classic Cocoa Puffs cereal. 

Not sure we can look at Cocoa Puffs the same ever again! Thankfully, Cocoa Puff was litter box trained. He was also a cage-free animal. 

His owners sadly shared the news of his passing at the end of June. 

This week's spotlight goes out to Cocoa Puff, we know you're still delivering big smiles wherever you are! 

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 Thousands of are pooping all over this Washington town.
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A small town in Washington State has more than one wild hare up their butts.

Thousands of rabbits have taken over Langley and the residents are none too pleased with how they have taken over the turf.

It's all over the local news:

"There is feces everywhere and there are some illnesses that can be carried and transmitted," said Brian Miller. Facilities Director for the South Whidbey School District. "Every day there are new holes, and the ones we've filled in are dug out, again."

...Countless wild rabbits are digging up the middle school football field that the district just paid $80,000 to restore. They're destroying the foundations of buildings at the Island County Fairgrounds, and posing health risks to people and pets.

Here's a video of these rascally rabbits.

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