Lesson of the Day: Sorry to Rein on Your Parade, But Reindeer Are Real

Next time you start naming all seven reindeer, you might want to stop and open a book first.

Turns out that lots of people in the world didn't realize that reindeer are actually real, and it’s blowing minds everywhere. Perhaps we should start a petition to rename them Real-deer? We’ll see.

For those who don’t know, the reindeer is referred to as a caribou in North America, but are native to Europe, Northern Asia, Siberia, Alaska, and more. So while some live on the North Pole, you can also find them on most continents and not only on Christmas. They live everyday of the year. Frankly, most of them are pretty peeved that they don’t have a cool name like “Dasher.”

People on Twitter sure were surprised to find out that Reindeer were real, though. Maybe they should’ve read our report that Domino’s in Japan was training Reindeer to deliver pizzas before totally failing because REINDEER AREN’T MAGICAL CREATURES THAT WILL NEITHER MAKE YOUR SLEIGH FLY NOR DELIVER YOUR PIZZA BECAUSE MAGIC ISN’T REAL. Unless, of course, we’re talking about the magic of David Blain, which is very real.

Check out some of the best reactions to finding out Reindeer are real. Heh. Next people are going to say Santa Claus isn’t real. Then where do the toys come from, Doug? Where do the toys come from? Jeez, Doug, I hate you.

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When you’ve only got 30 minutes to deliver a pizza, you better have a little magic on your side.

Ever the innovators, Domino’s Pizza, the inventor of the Pizza Tracker, is training reindeer to deliver pizza.

According to a press release from Domino’s Japan, they have begun testing reindeer to deliver pizza, cheesy bread, wings, and ice-cold Coca-Cola products right to your doorstep. The animals will be equipped with a GPS, so customers can track the reindeer’s course via smart phone. By the looks of this video, the reindeers, who are transported in a small crate, are treated much better than on the North Pole and genuinely want to deliver pizza.

Fortune reports, “Domino’s is still working out the kinks of its new delivery method. The first attempt involved attaching pizza boxes to the reindeer’s back, but those quickly fell off. The second attempt reverted back to tradition: Reindeers pulling pizza in a red sleigh.”

No word yet on if bad tippers get coal instead of pizza. Also, no confirmation on whether or not this is just a hoax or a piece of viral marketing. The press release promises an update on Thursday.

Let’s just hope these reindeer are quick enough to "avoid the Noid."

via Eric Hayes

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Hide yo kids, hide wives, hide yo husbands, and definitely hide yo grandmas. The only way we could make this very real life story of a reindeer running amok through the tea-soaked streets of a temporarily improper Nottingham, is if Arnold Shwarzznegger reprised his role from Jingle All The Way, to catch the runaway reindeer.

Somebody must've slipped something in Bjorn the reindeer's eggnog Sunday, because he went buckwild.

"I was putting some Christmas cards up in the window and just saw it come charging down the street," local resident Gemma Green told the Nottingham Post. "Then I saw a group of people following it.

"It was quite strange. It's like the scene from Arthur Christmas where Santa loses his reindeer. I thought I was seeing things at first." Maybe she was, but heck if that's a way to spur some Christmas spirit.