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10 stories about terrible experiences suffered by GameStop employees.

10 More Terrible Customer Service Stories From GameStop Employees

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what to avoid when getting fast food

31 Fast Food Workers Share The Risky Foods You Should Absolutely Avoid

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customers from hell

These Customers from Hell Will Give You Instant Rage

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unreasonable customer asks for refund

Insane Customer Demands Refund for Her Own Vase She Ruined

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oblivious shopper customer service story

Baffled Retail Employee Tells Story of Oblivious Lady Trying to Shop

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funny tech support story

Tech Support Blows Minds of Retail Employees with Power Button Bombshell

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wtf retail stories

Customer With A Case Of Rage Gets Played In Hilarious Speak To A Manager Story

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walmart stories

Current and Past Employees of Walmart Share Glory Stories From Their Craziest Shifts

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funny retail tweets

Tweets That Capture The Joys Of Working Customer Service

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Just 2 co-workers looking out for each other's best interests

fallout meme about swapping shifts with your coworker and he not going for it
Via Fallout | Know Your Meme

Return of the Day: Gap Employee Accepts Return from the Year 2000

tweet shows gap accepts return from 17 years ago
Via @woofjustin

Job of the Day: Hot Topic Employee Deserves a Medal for Dealing with This Bizarre Customer, “The Eternal Dragon Guardian of Time”

hot topic employee deals with strange customer dragon guardian
Via @Axikor2
FAIL racism politics racist retail - 83827201

Watch This Woman Go On a Crazy Racist Rant In a Clip From Retail Hell Itself

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Cheap Shop of the Day: Amazon to Open 100 Retail Pop Up Stores Across the U.S.

trending amazon shopping news new mall store pop up
Via Business Insider

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