Satan, not to be mistaken with the lovely fabric. The big guy downstairs used to scare people to walk the straight and narrow for nearly 2000 years. It's about time you find a reason to laugh at him, even just a bit. What do you have to fear, Purgatory? Possibly.

jokes satan bus The Addition of a '666' Bus in Singapore Spawns so Many Satan Jokes
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People in Singapore are having a devil of a time deciding what to do about the new '666' bus line. 666 is considered by the superstitious to be the "number of the beast" in reference to Satan.  Some of the Facebook comments on the Land Transport Authority announcement say using this number is insensitive. Others argue that it's perfectly reasonable. 

The rest of the commenters just showed up to make jokes. 
via Singapore Land Transport Authority

Hopefully the '666' bus driver will have a sense of humor, these jokes will probably only stop when Hell freezes over. 

via relay

A four-year-old is evil for writing with his left hand according to an Oklahoma Teacher
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Poor, evil south paws.

Some crazy coot of a pre-Kindergarten teacher began making four-year-old Zayde use his right hand after seeing him color, draw and write with his left because she said it was an evil thing to do.

Like, a teacher of children said this. Someone allowed to be around kids.

Local news channel KFOR reported on the very silly story:

The child was sent home with a letter about how left-handedness is often associated with evil and the devil.

It's his first year at Oakes Elementary in Okemah, but his mom kept him home Monday after a dispute with his teacher over being left-handed.

[His mother] Alisha sent the teacher a note and got a strong response.

It was an article calling left-handedness "unlucky," "evil," and "sinister."

It even says "for example, the devil is often portrayed as left-handed.

Apparently, even after the mom complained, no disciplinary action was taken and the only reply she received was that letter comparing her kid to Beelzebub (the father of lies, not the manga character).

That poor kid already lives in Oklahoma, he doesn't need any insult to that injury.

Just kidding, Oklahomans. But get your teacher situation straightened out and maybe don't let someone like this near children. She has enough to deal with.


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Interviewed by NBC producer Richard Dominick and originally broadcast on Today Show in May 1985.