saved by the bell

saved by the max recreates the max from saved by the bell for nostalgia and french fries
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If your dream is to sit A.C. Slater-style at a booth at the Max, you’re in luck because this pop-up diner inspired by the after-school classic, Saved By The Bell, is coming to town.

Saved By The Max brings the fictional diner from Saved By The Bell to life and offers you a chance to eat just like those hilarious Bayside teens. Based in Chicago, Saved By The Max is a pop-up diner that will soon be heading out on the road. In this video, Mr. Belding himself announces the touring pop-up diner is coming, following “one final semester in Chicago. You don’t even have to be hooked on caffeine pills to enjoy it.

via Saved By The Max

The whole thing looks almost too real compared to the TV show, even if it seems unlikely that the fictional Max would have menu items named after their best customers, such as “A.C. Sliders,” “The Tori Fried Chicken,” and the terribly unimaginative “Mr. Belding’s Fries.” Still, pretty sweet that Tori got a menu item, despite the fact that her stint on the show makes no sense.

The Huffington Post visited their Chicago location a few months ago. Be forewarned, if you’re allergic to dayglo, avert your eyes.


via The Huffington Post