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a company wants to build a hotel in space by 2025

This Company Wants To Build A Space Hotel By 2025

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NASA created amazing posters for planets outside our solar system

NASA's Kitsch Horror Posters Of Exoplanets Are Halloween Treats

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scientists create terrifying fake skin phone case

Scientists Develop Horrific Phone Case Made From Artificial Skin

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ai is now being trained to oversee 3d printing of rockets

AI Robots Are Being Trained to 3D Print Rockets

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paralyzed man is able to walk using mind reading exoskeleton

Paralyzed Man Walks With Mind-Controlled Exoskeleton

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boston dynamics' robot atlas does parkour better than you

Boston Dynamics' Humanoid Robot Now Does Parkour (5 GIFs)

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mushrooms will help humans survive extinction after the apocalypse

Mushrooms Will Help Humans Survive The Apocalypse

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hilarious low cost version of the matrix gifs

This Low Cost Version of The Matrix is Pure Gold (Ten GIFs)

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twelve gifs of robots that exist today

I, For One, Welcome Our Robot Overlords

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star wars stormtrooper movies science fiction - 81371393

The 'Star Wars: Episode VIII' wrap party featured some badass dancing Stormtroopers

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Last Laugh of the Day: City Councilman Resigns With a Letter Written in Klingon

Star Trek science fiction - 7984703488
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