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The global nutrient pump's clogged and we're to blame.

In a recent paper, an international team of scientists proposed the human race went and mucked up the natural redistribution and recycling processes of the world's nutrient supplies. Due to the extinction of many species, and the endangerment of even more, we currently deal with a worldwide sh*t-fueled nutrient production system that operates at 6% capacity.

We can't guess how severe such a low operating capacity imposes at this point, but we can all agree this is some bulls*it.

Can't we just let the far-roaming animals fu*king roam?

But the good news here is we'll probably create some new nature preserves, and maybe restore some cloned mammoths.

Fu*king mammoths.

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Via BuzzFeed
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Indonesian copywriter Mita Diran collapsed and then died not long after tweeting Saturday about working nonstop for 30 hours .

As reported by, the apparent cause to the tragedy is exhaustion and the consumption of too many energy drinks.

It was not immediately clear what medical issues caused Ms. Diran's death, or even if they were related to work, though some local reports blamed her long hours and heavy consumption of a Southeast Asian energy drink. But the death struck a chord, particularly since it came seven months after a 24-year-old Ogilvy PR staffer in Beijing, Gabriel Li, suffered a heart attack and died at his desk. News reports quickly blamed his death on overwork, though the cause was not clear.