Swipe Right of The Day: This Guy Got All The Chicks After Joining Tinder as a Glass of Red Wine
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New Tinder strategy: just act like you're an inanimate object.

It seems to be working pretty well for this guy.

Sean Fahmy over at Food Beast decided to sign up for Tinder posing as a glass of red wine. As everyone knows, chicks "OMGLOVELOVE" red wine.

The results were pretty hilarious...

We tip our glass to you, sir.

Social Experiment of The Day: How Will Dudes Respond to Unsolicited Vag Pics?
Via Thrillist
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Kerry Quinn from Thrillist has finally answered the question that everyone wants to know.

Dudes send unsolicited peen pics all the time through dating apps and text messages. So, how would they react if a random v-pic popped up on their screen?

They pretty much love it.

Quinn messaged 40 guys and 37 of them said they wanted to meet after receiving the random vag pic Quinn found on the Internet.

Most were very excited.

And, one guy just sent a pic of his dog.

We live in an exciting world.

call me maybe dictionary additions earworm f bomb making it official man cave merriam-webster sexting - 6510574848
By Unknown
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At long last, we can find "F-bomb" in the dictionary -- the word is among the latest additions to Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, alongside "sexting,"  "man cave," "earworm" (e.g., "Call Me Maybe"), and 96 other colloquialisms.

(For the record: Merriam-Webster defines F-bomb as "a lighthearted and printable euphemism" for something far more offensive.)