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posts about cats on catnip thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat covered in catnip doing a blep 'Catnip induced blep u/denrae-' and another of a shocked cat holding someone's arm 'Teefies on some kinda super catnip u/TomieTomyTomi'

Cats On Catnip: The Madness Continues

hilariously delirious
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funny pun memes and dad jokes | rogeyroo: sashimi rolling, they hating person wearing a sushi costume riding a bicycle | reading book about anti gravity. Is any good can't put down Star Trek

Puns of Varying Quality and Clevertude

The puns roll on.
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Funny times James Fridman trolled people's photoshop requests | James Fridman Kelsey Hil! Can remove pole front Sure. couple at wedding and collapsed tent

Choice Photoshop Trolls From The Master James Fridman

They got more than they bargained for.
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funny mad lads who broke small rules and did tricky shenanigans | rev. dylan @DylanRoss my 11 year ban yahoo chess expires today Rnnme Dlavare Nnline Fallure Connect EDIT have failed connect following reason have been barred logging into this room until Thu Dec 31 23:59:59 PST 2020. oms rom this lis OK Giraffe Field

Mad Lads Who Didn't Let The World Get In Their Way

Sometimes you've gotta risk it all.
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collection of funny memes and pictures of cats and dogs thumbnail includes two pictures including one of a dog smiling behind a frowning cat and another of a set of two pictures of a dog with a huge tongue licking a cat and the cat looking startled 'Dog breed - She has no idea what just slapped her in the face'

Fifty Four Funny Cats With Dogs

nothing funnier than cats and dogs together
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collection of forty four funny cats memes and three bad ones thumbnail includes two pictures including a big black cat and a small black kitten copycat 'Cat - sofluffysoyummy: A cat and a lowercase cat' and a cat against a grey background looking confused 'Cat - when you meow at your owner and it gives you food instead of the nuclear launch codes idea4ant'

Forty Four Funny Cat Memes And Three Horrible Ones

Cat memes for a real big LOL and three smaller lols
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this week's collection of pictures that are worth more than 1000 words thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat licking itself with its body forming the shape of a heart and another of two dogs the small dog sleeping in the big dog's bed and the big dog sleeping in the little dog's bed

Pictures Worth More Than 1000 Words (24 images)

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memes tweets and pictures of funny dogs who are also good dogs thumbnail includes two pictures including a dog sticking its nose through a Japanese door 'Nose - Staying at a house in Japan when suddenly' and another of a dog with a shaming sign on it 'Dog - I MADE MY DAD JUMP WHEN 1 FARTED WHILE HE WAS WATCHING A HORROR FILM!'

Fourteen Funny Dogs That Are Good Boys

the bestest funniest doggos
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tweets from the twitter user Cats Where They Shouldn't Be @catsnoplace of cats being in places that they shouldn't be thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat inside of a food dispenser and another of a cat sitting in a bird's nest as well as a screenshot of the name of the twitter user

Twitter User Purrsents Cats In Places They Shouldn't Be

because why wouldn't a cat sit in a bird's nest?
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this week's best and most popular animal tweets thumbnail includes one tweet 'Text - Thoughts of Dog® @dog_feelings i do not "shed." i sprinkle my glitter 2:18 AM - Nov 17, 2020 · Twitter for iPhone 9.1K Retweets 1.2K Quote Tweets 128.4K Likes'

Weekly Treat: Animal Tweets (November 23rd, 2020)

Animal twitter does it again!
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petty opinions people are passionate about | NotTheNoogie More not use microwave is clock. Stop leaving unused time on there just have hit cancel button once, damn!

Petty Opinions People Will Defend to Their Last Breath

It's the small things.
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funny petty elevator revenge story | r/pettyrevenge Posted by u/-BigBadBeef Petty revenge against petty shipyard security work shipyard. COVID has seen some pretty harsh measures which actually endorse, since shipyard attracts workers all over world. One these measures lists maximum amount people can occupy elevator at once. Only 3 can use elevator at any given time, but only one if transport materials alongside.

Worker Deploys Petty Revenge on Elevator Rule Stickler

People can get petty.
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pictures of animals who look like they have mustaches thumbnail includes two pictures including a picture of a cat with a little black mustache and a bird with a mustache

Dapper Animals With Mustaches Better Than People's

They mustache you a very important question
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funny Tumblr thread on repurposing greeting cards | my sense humor: getting birthday cards with wildly incorrect age on people magicoftelevision Follow Bithday DadGil 's Fun Be Matt 50 Babie

Tumblr Thread: The Convenience of Repurposed Greeting Cards

Use that ingenuity.
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silly puns, dad jokes and clever wordplay | RECIPE SAID DICE ONION WENT LOT EFFORT BUT PLEASED WITH RESULT. food shaped like a game dice cube

A Bundle of Puns to Fill that Wordplay Hole

Are they good? Well they're certainly puns.
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Silly puns and wordplay memes | turtle made of bread and baguette eating lettuce Not all turtles are born wild some are bread captivity | scared hamster Im trying get over my fear ghosts Therapist: Thats spirit :

A Field of Puns to Wander Around In

Are puns even good?
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