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Lots of us played Tony Hawk: Pro Skater and expected to leave the house doing kickflip to tailslide to bluntslide to that Chad Muska beats-slide where he pulls out a boombox. But very few of us could.

Still there are skateboarders who can trump the impossible things we’ve seen in video games. One of them is Dan Mancina, a skateboarder who is legally blind.

Mancina, who’s vision started to fade at 13, only has a slight amount of peripheral vision and a cane, but he’s still able to pull off some things most could only dream of — namely skating with a smooth controlled style. That’s the real money.

But according to Spolid, that’s not all that Mancina can do. In the video compilation “Dan Mancina Does Stuff Blind,” he chops wood, throws a bullseye, and fires a machine gun. Let this be an inspiration to all of us.

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Check out a full interview with Mancia over at Jenkem.

skateboarding design fail Locals Are Concerned About a Certain Shape in the Design of Their New Skate Park
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This is the third design attempt in a project to revamp a skate park in New Zealand that has locals and the designer at odds. The designer, Dave North, says that the design was not intentionally shaped like a man's privates to spite the local skaters who have disapproved of his previous design submissions. He told Stuff that it wouldn't be so obvious once it was constructed:

It's not the first penis-shaped bowl... it's symmetrical and functional, and you can't tell it looks like a penis unless you're looking at it from space.

Some residents are concerned with the skate park being known as the skate park with the peculiarly shaped features. One commenter points out that it's a good design, although his argument does sort of support that fear:

Actually this is a very functional design, much like the one in Nelson, which is a blast to carve up. Yes my kids call it the "willy" bowl, but who cares.

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Sure it looks bad from above but maybe it's not as obvious from another angle. 

Nope, that... might be worse. 

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Blade is a spur-thighed tortoise who can’t walk on his own due to a bone metabolism disorder. His heavy shell puts too much strain on his weak legs.

So a German vet name Dr. Carsten Plischke decided to build him a tiny wheelchair made out of his son’s Legos.

He glued the blocks to the bottom of his shell, and with the extra support, he can now glide around much easier while building up strength in his legs.

The video is in German, but the overwhelming cuteness transcends all languages.

For the next iteration how about we upgrade him to a sweet Lego DeLorian?

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Both Bieber fans and haters (but mostly haters) will enjoy this video that has emerged of the boy pop star.

While wearing leather pants and a man dress, the Biebs attempted a simple skateboarding trick outside Madison Square Garden this week.

But he failed miserably, crashing into the cement as people watched from the sidewalk before eventually landing it.

Last week he also showed off a new private jet that suggested he got for Christmas, which turned out to be a big lie.

So you can find some sort of solace in that news as well.