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Woman leaves disappointed review for herb grinder she bought on Amazon that's actually for weed.

Disgruntled Woman Leaves Amazon Review For Herb Grinder That's Actually Used For Weed

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Good Riddance of the Day: Philip Morris Could Be Phasing Out Cigarettes

philip morris phasing out cigarettes for new tobacco device
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vape youtube cigarettes smoking Video - 83416577

PSA of the Day: Vape Life Becomes Near Vape-Death Experience When E-Cig Explodes

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crazy FAIL smoking Video - 77386241

This Is What an Old Chain-Smoking Soul Looks Like

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thanksgiving Turkey smoking weed - 75977729

Recipes of The Day: Here's How You Can Make an Entire Cannabis Thanksgiving Meal

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car chase george costanza smoking police - 73132801

George Costanza of the Day: A Smoking Guy in a Motorized Wheelchair Sets Off a Low-Speed Police Chase

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Irony of the Day: Camel Cigarette Maker Stops Workplace Smoking

cigarettes irony smoking - 8357000704
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pot barack obama smoking Video - 62445313

Obama Flashed a Smile After Being Offered a Hit of Legal Marijuana

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Gif of the Day: Non-Smoker's Lungs vs. Smoker's lungs

GIF comparing the inflation of a smoker's lungs to that of a regular person's.