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Pass the soap, just don't drop it, probably slippery.

Funny random tumblr memes | -am--fish everytime stay at hotel take bite out soap bar confuse cleaning staff damaramegido hey op real quick Actual fuck transselkie Hey op do realize by actually biting chunk fucking soap are fact one losing karo-chic y'all are just jealous op is brave enough monch on forbidden chocolate am--fish living dragon-hated-art does forbidden chocolate taste like -am--fish soap | neutraldankhotel eats 100 ears corn two hours am corn king cannot be outcorned eats 101 ears

Various Tumblr Gems to Keep the Day Moving

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food advertisement secrets

15 Nauseating Food Advertising Secrets

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soap ads family Video - 78458625

This Touching Ad for Laundry Soap Asks Everyone to Question Outdated Gender Roles (and Start Helping More Around the House)

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