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researchers created a metal that is unsinkable

Scientists Just Created Unsinkable Metal

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top twenty winning photos from Nikon's Small World microscope photography competition

Top Twenty Photos From Nikon's Microscope Photography Competition

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Nope of the Day: Spiders Now Know Internet Slang

Spider web found that says 'lol'.
Via io9

Adorbs of the Day: Scientists Find the Cutest Spider Ever

The cutest spider has been found, we can all rest now.
Via New Scientist
spider cars Kill It With Fire Video - 69990913

Nope of the Day: Giant Spider Hides in Car Door Handle

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Nightmare Fuel of the Day: Woman Finds Erection-Causing Spiders in Bag of Bananas

Via Bristol Post
australia spider videos - 57320705

How-To of the Day: Australian Man Demonstrates How to Bravely Get Rid of a Spider

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Damn Nature You Scary of the Day

nature spider - 6894233600
Via Wired

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