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The indisputably dominant music streaming titan Spotify, is combining forces with high and widely regarded annotation and lyric site Genius, for a new playlist feature called "Behind the Lyrics (Hip Hop)."

The playlist, which debuts today, will provide fans on Spotify the tools to click, then learn more about a particular song's lyrics, writers, and meaning for the full-fledged historical rundown. The playlist features artists such as but not limited to, Pusha T, Diplo, and Tinashe.

"I've partnered with Genius and Spotify to take you 'Behind The Lyrics' of my greatest songs because every word that I write means something to me," Pusha T says in a statement. "Together we've found a way to bring my fans a deeper listening experience and raise the bar for songwriters."

"Spotify and Genius are creating a really cool connection between me and my fans on another level than I normally can connect with them," Tinashe says.

"I have always been a person that dissects music and studies it," Diplo says. "I was a sample spotter and I learned how to make music by listening to it. Genius on Spotify breaks down the music to the bare bones and gets deeper into it's true core."

Take it from these three artists; the whole Genius weds Spotify business is something to get very amped about. The next playlist is slated to arrive in coming weeks, and will focus on hit songs from a wealth of differing genres.

President Obama's spotify playlist is ready for your ears.
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President Obama's tech savvy staff want you to know the Commander in Chief is up on modern music, so they released his Spotify playlist Aug. 14.

According to the description in the playlist:

President hand-picked his favorite songs for a summer playlist. Take a listen to his 20 picks for a summer night.

With that description, it's a little strange that the first song listed is John Coltrane's My Favorite Things. Don't get me wrong, this is actually one of my personal favorite Coltrane songs, but it's most definitely a Christmas-time song, right?

Things pick up a little bit, getting way more modern with a Beyoncé track from her newest album featuring the incredible Frank Ocean.

It's an eclectic list of oldies and contemporary-ish songs from a broader variety of artists that we would expect. There's Nina Simone, Erika Badu and some Miles Davis. Never would have picked Obama for a Leonard Cohen fan, either. That's some good taste.

Things mostly stay at an easy, grooving pace with The Lumineers Stubborn Love as the wildest song on the list.

The weirdest track to us is Frank Sinatra's The Best is Yet to Come. Nothing against Ol' Blue Eyes, it just doesn't seem to fit the rest.

You can rock along to some presidential jams over here and tell us what you think about the President's musical tastes.

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