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arkansas supreme court removes medical marijuana vote
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Bad news for those in need of pain relief in Arkansas. The Arkansas Supreme Court has decided to remove issue 7, a new medical marijuana law, to the November 8 ballot. Despite 142,000 early voters having already voted for issue 7, which allows patients with specific medical conditions and doctor's approval to purchase marijuana from dispensaries, the court has decided not to add it on the November ballot.

"Justices tossed out more than 12,000 signatures that were approved by election officials for the proposal, saying supporters didn't comply with laws regarding registration and reporting of paid canvassers," reports ABC News. "The decision left the group nearly 2,500 signatures shy of what was needed to qualify for the ballot."

Arkansas voters do have another marijuana-related issue on the ballot, t Issue 6 is up for a vote but has more restrictions, namely it doesn't include a provision that allows patients to grow their own if they don't live near a dispensary.

Anyway, the whole thing seems to be harshing a lot of mellows, which is never cool. Also, you know, this type of thing could have really helped people, as many were quick to point out.

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The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals declined today to reconsider the February ruling that struck down Proposition 8, California's ban on gay marriage -- which means the legislation is headed to the conservative-leaning U.S. Supreme Court.

An appeal to the higher court in the coming months is the only chance that Prop 8 supporters have of reviving the same-sex marriage ban. If the justices agree to hear the case, they would be expected to rule by June 2013.