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tiny snake-like thread robot can perform brain surgery

This Thread-Like Robot That Wiggles Through Blood Vessels Could Save Lives

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scientists just 3d printed a miniature human heart for the first time

Scientists Just 3D Printed A Miniature Human Heart

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robot helps surgeon perform first long distance heart surgery

Robot Helps Doctor Perform First Long Distance Heart Surgery

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Firestarter of the Day: Patient's Fart Starts a Fire in Hospital

patient fart surgery starts fire
Via The Sett Life

Reconstructive Surgery Saves Baby Who Was Born with Brain Outside His Skull

Via The Washington Post
plastic surgery surgery model Video wtf - 76239361

Elective Surgery of the Day: Model Has Six Ribs Removed to Achieve a 14 Inch Waist

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Miracle of the Day: Surgeons Reattached a Toddler's Head After a Car Crash Causes Internal Decapitation

Toddler gets his head reattached after being decapitated internally.
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aquarium fish Video surgery - 67898625

Surgery of the Day: Fish Receives Fake Eye to Fit In with Tankmates

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Baltimore Ravens Player Ma’ake Kemoeatu Retires from Football to Give His Brother - a Retired Steelers Player - the Kidney He Needs

sports restoring faith in humanity week football surgery nfl - 8322065664
Via 247 Sports

Adopted Son Gives the Best Mother's Day Gift: His Kidney

mothers day love surgery son - 8179997952
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