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feels christmas parenting 'Britain's Loneliest Schoolboy' is About to Get Some Company in the Form of Hundreds of Christmas Cards
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The loneliest boy in all of Britain lives on an island with a population of 70 people. His name is Aron and according to the Telegraph, he is the only school aged boy on the island so his closest friends are  "his dog, some ducks and flocks of sheep".

Aron used to have a few friends and brothers to play with but they all left the island to go to secondary school on another island two hours away. He's normally a pretty happy kid but his mother expressed some concern now that he's really the only kid left on the island.

This prompted a reddit user and moderator on r/Scotland to ask his fellow users to spread some holiday cheer in this post:

via BesottedScot

he response was overwhelmingly positive, but we'll probably have to wait until Christmas to see just how far the message spread when Aron recieves his cards at school. 

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It seems like it would be a daunting task as a parent to explain a tragedy like the recent Paris attacks to your young child.

But this father finds the perfect way to explain to his son why they must stay in Paris and persevere. And he teaches us all something as well.

In an interview with Le Petit Journal, the son laments that his family must move because "bad guys" have guns.

"It's OK, they might have guns but we have flowers," the father calmly explains.

Obviously perplexed, the father explains that the flowers and candles being placed at memorials help everyone remember those lost. And in turn, creates a more peaceful world.

Feel Good of The Day: This Mom Created a Group to Crochet Disney Wigs For Young Cancer Patients
Via Babble
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Something magical happens when this group of crochet enthusiasts meet to make dreams come true.

Former oncology nurse and mom Holly Christensen has started a group called The Magic Yarn Project, a clan of dedicated crocheters that meet to make Disney princess wigs for children with cancer.

A daughter of one of Christensen's friends was diagnosed with lymphoma so she decided to make a Rapunzel yarn wig. Here's what she told Babble:

"I knew she would be going through a difficult time, and that no one would be able to take her suffering away. I also knew that losing her long, curly blonde hair at not even 3 years old would be difficult for her, so I figured that the yarn wig could help bring a little magic and fun to a difficult time in her life."

Designs include princess Elsa and Anna from Frozen and princess Jasmine from Aladdin.

The group has a GoFundMe account set up to help fund even more wigs for children around the world battling cancer.

Remembrance of The Day: 'Star Wars' Fan Daniel Fleetwood Dies After Seeing Movie Early
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Daniel Fleetwood, the terminal cancer patient who charmed the Internet and ultimately had his wish come true of seeing Star Wars: The Force Awakens early, has died. He was 32.

The Star Wars superfan was treated to an advance screening of the new film last Thursday after an Internet campaign brought global attention to his situation.

He was dying and his final wish was to see this movie.

His wish was granted, but in a bittersweet turn—Fleetwood died Tuesday in his sleep at home.

Star Wars actors (like Mark Hamill, Peter Mayhew and John Boyega) and others associated with the film sent their well wishes to his family and remembered him for the amazing fan that he was.

Daniel has now become one with The Force.

Video of The Day: Man Interviews Himself 38 Years in The Future
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If you could ask your future self anything, what would it be?

When Peter "Stoney" Emshwiller was 18, way back in 1977, he captured footage of himself asking questions to his invisible future self. He planned on combining footage in the future and getting some answers.

The short clip below shows the 56-year-old man reflecting on his successes and failures. It is surprisingly heartwarming.

Emshwiller plans on releasing a full-length version of the interview he'll call Later That Same Life, which is currently being funded.

Here's what the filmmaker had to say about the project:

A recent health scare (happily a false alarm) made me realize I ain't gonna live forever, and that it's time to finish this project. So I'm finally going to (gulp) face my younger self and record the other half of the conversation. Then I'll edit all the footage together. The final illusion should be a humorous, touching, sometimes combative, always revealing, totally impossible conversation between a bright-eyed teen and his own middle-aged self.

All The Feels of The Day: Taylor Swift Made This 12-Year-Old Cancer Patient's Day
Via Mashable
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Taylor Swift took a break from her #squad to hang out with one very deserving fan.

Twelve-year-old Stella Usiak, a cancer patient, finally got to fulfill her dream of hanging out with her favorite pop star.

Usiak was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in 2011 and went into remission. But her cancer returned in 2014. Her dream has been to record a song with Taylor, so she set up a Facebook page to generate attention.

Stella gushed about her brief meeting with the star on her Facebook page:

Even though I only talked to her for a minute Taylor told me I was very brave . I gave Taylor my email and phone number and when I mentioned it would be awesome to hang out with you someday she said sounds like fun it might be In your cards! I told her my entire story just before I had to go. That was one of the best hugs I ever got! Me and my mom were crying tears or joy I will remember that night forever the night I celebrated shaking off the bad blood twice and one of my wildest dreams coming true!

She even got to meet Taylor's cat Meredith, well, a cardboard version of Meredith.

Good luck, Stella! Here's to hoping that you get to record that song one day with T-Swizzle.

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It's not easy to make Simon Cowell cry. The man has made a career judging singing shows with his harsh and blunt persona.

But one contestant on The X Factor UK did the unthinkable—he got Cowell to shed a tear at his beautiful rendition of Labrinth's Jealous.

Contestant Josh Daniel dedicated the song to his best friend who had recently died. And his passionate, emotional performance was just too much for the stone-hearted Cowell to take.

Let those tears flow, Simon. Just let it go.

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Get ready for a kick right in the feels.

Jeremiah Succar, a 7-year-old patient at Children's Hospital Los Angeles, has stage-four atypical rhabdoid teratoid, an aggressive tumor that occurs in the brain and spinal cord.

He loves Rachel Platten's 'Fight Song,' and sings it when he goes through treatments. When his parents found out about this, they knew they had to get the singer to come visit him.

"Jeremiah loves "Fight Song"—he memorized the lyrics after three or four times of listening to it," says Jerry Succar, Jeremiah's father. "He used to sing it when he got a lot of headaches, but now he sings it in the morning, before bed and during shots he has to get."

His parents sprung into action on Instagram using the hashtag #RachelMeetJeremiah.

Rachel got word of the movement, paid Jeremiah a visit and recorded these beautiful videos. Way to go, Rachel!