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Troll Farting Glitter At Universal Orlando Resort Will Make You Laugh Like A Kid Again

I don't know what's more unsettling or comically absurd in this video: The attention that the team at Universal Orlando Resort must've put into sculpting that troll-ass, or the fact that the troll parades around, and farts glitter on people. It's ridiculous and unlike anything we're used to seeing, and that's why it belongs on Fail Blog, for now. Hope you enjoy! 

troll parade at universal orlando resort
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japanese ice skating rink filled with dead fish closed after complaints
Via @cctvnews
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Looks like that box of fish sticks in the back of your freezer is going to stay there.

Space World, a Japanese theme park, shutdown their ice skating rink attraction on Sunday, because as it turns out, most people don’t consider skating around dead fish to be a winter wonderland. The theme park froze 5,000 sea creatures into the floor of their skating rink, thinking that attendees would enjoy the challenge of navigating an ocean graveyard. Space World called it “Freezing Port.” We call it “A Nightmare.” 

Freezing Port received a slew of complaints from visitors and animal rights organizations. One Facebook user said, “You have no soul.” While another simply, and more practically, said, “This is the worst attraction educationally.” Apparently, only a select few found Space World's Facebook advertisements with captions that read “I am d... d... drowning, s ... s... suffocating” funny and not horrifying.

“We were shocked to hear the reaction as the ice skate rink was very popular since it opened two weeks ago,” Space World manager Toshimi Takeda told to CNN. “We had an unprecedented number of visitors.”

“We are sorry for the project and decided to close the rink.”

CNN added the park will “unfreeze the skate rink to remove the fish, hold an ‘appropriate religious service,’ and then reuse them as fertilizer.” Cool.

So there you have it. Theme park buys locally-sourced seafood, freezes it into their skating rink, and holds memorial service for the fish after learned that people don’t like ice skating on dead fish. Welcome to Monday morning on Planet Earth.


An abandoned Wizard of Oz theme park is now up for rent you lucky person.
Via Pixable
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That broken, dilapidated yellow brick road could be all yours.

In 1970, aspirational people built a theme park based around The Wizard of Oz in the mountains of northern California. A few years after, it shut its doors, causing entropy to take its course in the park.

And now, it's for rent!

Pixable has the story:

After the death of its original owner right before opening and a mysterious fire in 1975, Land of Oz closed it's doors in 1980.

In 2015, the park is still standing, but remains abandoned all but one day a year when it opens to the public. Even though the park was refurbished by locals enough to reopen once a year, it still remains in various states of disrepair and has that eerie, horror flick vibe that makes abandoned theme parks so alluring. That's partly because the upkeep of the land is dependent on the proceeds of that one-day opening.

There's not a ton you can do with that other than keeping it standing upright, even if an upwards of 8,000 people attend the event each year. Land Of Oz isn't a lost cause despite its closing. You can rent the place out for private parties and take private tours if you're into that whole abandoned fairy tale aesthetic.

If you're into the idea, the Land of Oz website has all the information on how you can hold your wedding, birthday, bar mitzvah or demon sacrifice in a very special place.

Look at this place:

And this is either the Emerald City or the witch's castle. It's not pretty.

Here's a video about the creepy place's history:

Wes Anderson theme park - 8368976896
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Watch out Disney. There might soon be a new magical (Moonrise?) kingdom filled with Bill Murray, 3-legged dogs, dysfunctional families and absolute perfect symmetry.

In the foreword to Devo co-founder and Mark Mothersbaugh's new art book, Anderson, who has collaborated with Mothersbaugh to score many of his iconic films, wrote about his intentions to design a theme park.

"I hope to soon secure the means to commission the construction of an important and sizeable theme park to be conceived and designed entirely by Mark Mothersbaugh," writes Anderson. "For 40 years he has set about creating a body of work which amounts to his own Magic Kingdom, where the visitor is amused and frightened, often simultaneously."

Let's just sit and watch this POV video of vehicles in Wes Anderson films to get a sense of what the rides might be like until this project becomes a reality.

Wes Anderson // Vehicles from Jaume R. Lloret on Vimeo.

Earth Day florida theme park - 8159536640
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The 150-acre theme park teamed up with Tampa Electric to go off the electric grid for the entire day – an eco-friendly action that's equivalent to removing three cars from the road for one year or planting six acres of trees. After Earth Day, LEGOLAND Florida will use renewable energy to permanently power the Imagination Zone, a section of the park that showcases seven of the most visually impressive LEGO models in the world.