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For weeks, people have been debating one thing and one thing only: Is this a picture of Tom Hanks or Bill Murray?

With the picture’s subject’s rounded nose and toothless mouth, it can be hard to tell the difference between them. But Tom Hanks appeared on The Graham Norton Show to put the debate to rest.

After showing off the difference between the sides of his own face, Hanks, along with Gemma Arterton and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, recreates the picture of Bill Murray screaming with baby. It’s really something.

Also in this interview, Tom Hanks dusts off his Forrest Gump performance, and this baby still runs.

tom hanks steve martin twitter Important: Guys, Tom Hanks Found a Sock
Via @tomhanks
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This post, believe it or not, already has 5,600 likes on Twitter after being up for only a few hours. This lone sock, is a trending post. We have a few thoughts about this:

1. Why do so many people care that Tom Hanks found this one lost sock?
2. Why did he bother putting a ©2016 Tom Hanks watermark on a picture of a sock?

Just doing a quick survey of Tom Hank's Twitter feed, it's about 60% posts of lost clothing items that used to be part of a pair. Does anyone ever claim the items he takes pictures of? And seriously, WHOSE SOCK IS THIS?    

Actually, in this case, someone did respond to claim the sock. 

via @SteveMartinToGo

Mystery solved?

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Look, Tom Hanks doesn't really need to work these days.

He's done plenty in the last 30 years to bring America charm and delight in a big, friendly package.
Even though it it looks like he's got some movies coming down the pike he hasn't acted in one since 2013's Saving Mr. Banks.

So, he's got time on his hands.

This was evidenced by his unexpected appearance answering questions all over Reddit earlier this week.

Well, apparently, he had some more questions that he wanted answers.

Stephen Colbert is in a different, though still not less-inquisitive, boat.

After months of build up, his show is finally chugging along at a steady clip and he's probably starting to get into the routine of the whole affair.

Focused so intently on the goal, once its accomplished, he's probably feeling a jet lag of emotions rushing at him, calling into question where he is and what he's doing.

So the two decided to lay back on a blanket and ask those questions to themselves.

It's very funny.

Tom Hanks just answered a bunch of random Reddit questions yesterday.
Via Reddit
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Charming everyman Tom Hanks must have been pretty bored yesterday.

He obviously had a hankering to do a Reddit AMA, even though he's already done one. But instead of waiting for Redditors to ask him again what kind of sandwich he prefers, the tenacious Tom went around to different subreddits to find questions he felt like answering.

The results are adorable.

He talked about what movie he made that he thinks deserves reconsideration.

He answered many questions.

Like, a part of his job many people may not know about:

Something he thought was awesome as a teen, but ridiculous now:

Gave a weird six-word story:

Gave advice on what to buy to fill an unknown hole in your life:

Gave his favorite TV theme song:

Gave what he thought would have been the most underwhelming announcement from NASA on Mars

Gave his scariest movie moment:

Apparently, he really, really hates reality TV.

He recommended a book on Soviet history:

And gave advice on what to do when you're under the weather.

What a dad.

And in the end, he gave his favorite quote:

Thanks, Tom Hanks.

movies Fan Art tribute tom hanks illustration - 6818786048
Via Reddit
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Check out Los Angeles-based animator Jeff Victor's illustrated tribute to the iconic American actor Tom Hanks.
Image Description:
Allen Bauer, Splash (1984) Josh Baskin, Big (1988) Detective Scott Turner, Turner & Hooch (1989) Forrest Gump, Forrest Gump (1994) Jim Lovell, Apollo 13 (1995) Voice of Woody, Toy Story (1995) Captain Miller, Saving Private Ryan (1998) Chuck Noland, Cast Away (2000) Robert Langdon, The Da Vinci Code (2006)

Need moar? Check out the Fan Art of the Day archives!

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In all fairness, he warned her...

(Not Safe For Work -- obvs.)