Wholesome Story Of Toronto Immigrant Nav Bhatia Is A Reminder Of How Sports Are The Great Equalizer

Toronto, the capital of Ontario, is the most statistically multicultural city in the world. While there are probably millions of heartwarming success stories, the tale of Nav Bhatia, who immigrated to the city from India in the 80's, is especially touching. After almost 25 years of never missing a game, he's been given the official title of Toronto Raptors Superfan and community ambassador. His presence at their basketball games, and court-side seats, have been well-documented, but until now, his amazing story has been pretty much under wraps. That changed when correspondent Mohammad Lila shared Bhatia's saga in a touching Twitter thread that we're going to be remembering for years to come.

Wholesome twitter thread about Toronto immigrant Nav Bhatia, Toronto Raptors superfan.
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Pilot completely diverts International flight to save a French Bulldog.
Via City News
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Everything was going fine on an International flight traveling from Tel Aviv to Toronto, until the plane's pilot recognized a heating malfunction in the cargo bay. Normally the pilot would have stayed the course, but this one knew a French bulldog was along for the ride.

So at great financial and time expense, the pilot decided to drastically change direction for the sake of the pup.

The seven-year-old French bulldog named Simba was taking its first flight when the pilot noticed the problem just as the plane was about to head over the Atlantic Ocean, where temperatures plummet.

With the dog's well-being in peril the pilot decided to land the plane in Frankfurt, Germany.

The dog's owner was more than grateful.

"It's my dog, it's like my child. It's everything to me," he said after they were reunited at Pearson Airport.

Aviation expert Phyl Durby said the pilot made the right call, despite tacking on about $10,000 in fuel costs and delaying the flight by 75 minutes.

Though the dog is named, the hero pilot was not identified. He could be anywhere out there, blending in with the rest of humanity. Ready to reemerge when he senses another French bulldog in turmoil.

Two suicides in Toronto have been linked to the Ashley Madison hacks.
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Releasing the private information hacked out of infidelity website Ashley Madison has caused more than public shaming and viral disillusionment. Toronto police announced that two suicides were connected to the data leak Aug. 24.

According to the BBC:

Two individuals associated with the leak of Ashley Madison customer details are reported to have taken their lives, according to police in Canada.

The police in Toronto gave no further information about the deaths.

...Addressing the hackers, known as The Impact Team, acting staff superintendent Bryce Evans of the Toronto police said: "I want to make it very clear to you your actions are illegal and we will not be tolerating them. This is your wake-up call." Police are seeking information from members of the wider hacker community that might aid their investigation.

The breach was "very sophisticated", said Detective Menard from the technological crime unit of Toronto Police.

Ashley Madison's leadership isn't taking this lightly. Their Canadian parent company Avid Life Media has put up a C$500,000 bounty on information for the hackers.

Information on more than 33 million accounts has been stolen from the website and reports have already surfaced of it being used for blackmail and extortion.

If you are struggling with suicidal thoughts consider seeking help through the many available services and hotlines. The 24-hour National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 1 (800) 273-8255 and their website is

A toronto man needs help to remove his 150 alligators, crocodiles and caimans.
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After awhile, crocodiles stop being fun to have as pets.

That's what one unidentified Toronto man discovered after he begged a local large reptile sanctuary to help remove some 150 alligators, crocodiles and caimans from his premises.

That's right. There were 150 of them. In Toronto, Canada.

The reptiles, some more than three metres long, had been kept in a home for about 10 years before Bry Loyst of the Indian River Reptile Zoo near Peterborough, Ont., was called in to help.

"I couldn't believe what I was seeing," Loyst said Thursday on CBC Radio's Metro Morning show. "I could not believe that somebody had that many crocodilians and raised them to adulthood. These were not baby little crocodiles," he said. "They were adults."

Even though that sanctuary wrangler would not give up the location of the house that kept such a large number of Captain Hook's nemeses, he did say it was in a residential part of the city and the crocs and gators were kept in aquariums.

So, you know. Real good neighbor-type.

Here's some CBC News footage of Loyst and crew collecting the reptiles:

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Hampton, Florida mayor Barry Layne Moore has been arrested for the illegal possession and selling of oxycodone. Moore was picked up by Bradford County Sheriff and childhood friend of Moore, Gordon Smith.

Smith was quoted in saying, "This isn't Toronto," referring to the city's recent controversial mayor, Rob Ford, who recently admitted to smoking crack.

marriage proposal scott pilgrim toronto wedding - 6610893568
Via Robot 6
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On a trip to Toronto, lucky boyfriend Dylan was treated to a Scott Pilgrim-themed scavenger hunt, culminating with this marriage proposal from his girlfriend. Well done.