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Gif of the Day: This Japanese Train Goes Over 300mph

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Via Daily Mail
collision crash trains Video - 65729281

Here's the Most Mild Head-on Collision You Will Ever See

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Crazy Moment of the Day: A Train Hits an 18-Wheeler Stuck on the Tracks

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Bad Timing of the Day: The Definition of Frustration

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Via slartibar
oh god why crash trains Video fail nation - 61260033

Make Way, Coming Through: In the Battle of Train vs. Truck, Train Usually Wins

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Cute Video of the Day: Playing Rock, Paper, Scissors With a Little Girl on a Train

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Close Call of the Day: Czech Man Almost Hit by Train

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Idiot of the Day: Train Almost Hits a Senator Preaching Train Safety

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selfie trains Video - 60183809

That's What You Get of the Day: Guy Tries to Take a Selfie in Front of a Passing Train and Gets Kicked in the Head by the Conductor

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Gif of the Day: Dashing Through the Snow

gifs trains snow - 8110365696
By Unknown
cute trains Video g rated win - 57894145

Awesome Creation of the Day: Oregon Man Tom Miller Created a Ride-able Railroad That Encircles His Property

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Cute Overload of the Day: Madeline Likes Trains

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