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Absurd radio tower HOA strategy | Well There's Problem Podcast @wtyppod folks Here's best piece advice dealing with an HOA. If they ever start giving trouble, just threaten put up radio tower backyard. Like let's say just got trampoline kids enjoy and HOA tells have take down.

Radio Tower Threat is Bold HOA Fighting Strategy

Technically it could work maybe.
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twelve of the best gifs from this week

Twelve Awesome GIFs From This Week

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ten of the most wow things from the past week

Ten Of The Most Wow GIFs From The Past Week

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relaxing trampoline - 83937025

Therapy of the Day: Watch This Washing Machine with a Brick In It Bounce On A Trampoline

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The Coolest Dad Finally Gives Up on His Kids' Trampoline Dreams

craigslist for sale trampoline g rated win - 8220636416
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Nice Structure of the Day: Trampoline Bridge

design trampoline bridge architecture - 6677594112
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Morning Fluff

morning fluff pug trampoline - 6183508736
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