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Twitter thread of strange house | Middle-Aged Rust Belt Voter @frazierapproves Ijust discovered greatest house listing all time starts out very unassuming and modest. | Then see yard and think "wow s somewhat surprising" 9:02 AM 5/18/20 Twitter iPhone

Unique House Listing Is Weird and Kind of Awesome

Now that's a home.
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People on Twitter are roasting Kanye West's ridiculously ugly new shoes.

Twitter Rightfully Roasts Kanye West's Ridiculously Ugly New Shoes

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This Is the Ugliest Color Known to Man

image color ugly This Is the Ugliest Color Known to Man
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contest ugly Video - 62011905

Peanut was Crowned the "World's Ugliest Dog" of 2014

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Crazy Lawsuit of the Day: Man Sues His Wife for Having Ugly Children and Wins

China ugly - 7890708224
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