Fashion of The Day: These Fantastic 'Golden Girls' Panties Are Available on Etsy
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Stay-at-home mom Candice Pugh wants to thank you for being a friend.

She'd also like you to buy these fantastic Golden Girls-themed panties from her Etsy shop.

The underwear maker from Utah has created some other seriously awesome creations, like Bob Ross panties and a Beetlejuice teddy, but her latest collection is Golden.

Sophia, Rose Dorothy or Blanche—which panties do you want to get into?

Photo of The Day: Kylie Jenner Has a Broken Nail, So Naturally She Posts a Pic in Her Underwear
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ATTENTION: Kylie Jenner has a broken nail, everyone!

She really wants you to know this. Kylie Jenner—model, TV star, Instagram icon—has a broken nail. Oh, and she also wears black Moschinos.

The teen took to Instagram today in her underwear to speak about her cuticle problems.

Why did she feel the need to post about her broken nail? Or better yet, post about it in her underwear?

For the #likes, duh.

She's following in her sister Kendall's footsteps. Kendall posted a photo of her n*pple earlier this week to celebrate reaching 40 million Instagram fans.

We did this, America. Shame on us.

There's something really wrong with this Victoria Secret photoshop.
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Take a seat, Victoria's Secret. We need to talk.

Wait, it looks like you already took a seat.

The underwear seller thought there was nothing wrong when they posted this picture to their Facebook page. Obviously, their overeager graphic designers took more than their fair share away from this model.

Her left leg just keeps on going.

What makes the post even funnier is that Victoria's Secret shared it with the sub heading, "Truly. Madly. Cheeky."

The commenters weren't having it.

This is definitely not the first time that Victoria's Secret has let one of these beauties out into the wild.

Photoshop Disasters has quite the collection.

Come on, people. There are plenty of tutorials.

Via Newsy
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Microsoft is developing a bra designed to help women with both their emotional and physical health. The sensors inside it detect heart rate, sweat, and stress levels which indicate the potential for over-eating. The bra can also connect to your smart phone to send you a "mood-triggered eating alert" as well as give you suggestions on how to redirect your brain to do something else.

The idea of a 'smart undergarment' has been marketed to women because of research that says they are most likely to emotionally over-eat. The current prototypes are not perfect; the battery life only lasts 3 to 4 hours.