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Funny random memes and tweets | stock photo of a brick wall being built Mexico after seeing mess US: | whole world Indian tutorials Ferris wheel held by a pile of blocks

50 Memes To Help You Fritter Your Time Away

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A collection of American habits that Americans didn't realize were so American | Small avocados. Went puerto rico like yo ill have like 6 those stuffed avocados Buddy like yo gringo think underestimate size our avocados here. Just have one and ill being more if want after had half one like football.

American Habits That Are So American

So American without even realizing it.
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Funny memes about the Midwest | usa map fact Wisconsin hasn't taken over upper peninsula Michigan tells everything need know about those cowards ONTARIO SOTA WISCONSIN MICHIGAN WA | Let slip into something little more cornfortable sexy corn costume

Fifteen Midwestern Memes For The Ranch Addicts

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Funny history memes, world war II, hitler, stalin, lenin, roman empire, julius caesar, alexander the great, europe.

24 Hilarious History Memes That'll Make You Feel Smart

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military army memes

30 Snide Military Memes That You Probably Shouldn't Show Your Sergeant

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US air force begins to use 3d printers

US Air Force Begins Using 3D Printers For... Toilet Seats

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Funny memes about people from the midwest | Makayla Utecht @MakaylaUtecht ran into guy at disneyworld Both us simultaneously ope sorry pause and look at each other* Him Illinois Nebraska" he high fives midwestern things~ | Bottle - Midwest starterpack probably looks like this w puts chili on noodles Hidden Mddes ally Ranch Midwest starterpack Budweise san ni

21 Memes & Pics For The True Midwesterners

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Infographic of the Day: The Complete List of Lewd-Sounding American Town Names

trending news sexual funny american town names
Via Estately Blog

Map of the Day: Swiftkey Figured Out Which Emojis Each State Uses Most

Swiftkey maps out the most used emojis per state.
Via Swiftkey

Is This Week the Worst Week in U.S. History?

united states history - 8148590848
Via Know Your Meme

Infographic of the Day: A Map of How Much Snow it Takes to Cancel School Across the United States

infographic snow united states - 8031618560
Via atrubetskoy

Chart of the Day: Name Origins of the 50 States

history united states - 7994061824
By Unknown

This is What the United States Looks Like at Nighttime

nasa united states satellite - 6855070208
Via Wired

United States Of Starbucks of the Day

united states Starbucks map - 6662381056
Via SeattlePI

Medal Stand Photo of the Day

iran london olympics 2012 united states - 6504276736
By Unknown

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