Social Experiment of The Day: How Will Dudes Respond to Unsolicited Vag Pics?
Via Thrillist
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Kerry Quinn from Thrillist has finally answered the question that everyone wants to know.

Dudes send unsolicited peen pics all the time through dating apps and text messages. So, how would they react if a random v-pic popped up on their screen?

They pretty much love it.

Quinn messaged 40 guys and 37 of them said they wanted to meet after receiving the random vag pic Quinn found on the Internet.

Most were very excited.

And, one guy just sent a pic of his dog.

We live in an exciting world.

A woman used her vagina to conceal a loaded gun.
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That cannot have been comfortable.

KCEN is reporting that Waco, Texas Police found more than they were looking for while arresting a couple for trafficking meth.

During the arrest a male and female were taken into custody. While transporting the suspects it was discovered that that female had concealed a fully loaded Smith and Wesson .22 cal. Semi-auto handgun inside her v@gina.

...A further search of the vehicle found 29.5 grams of Methamphetamine in the female passenger's purse along with a set of digital weighing scales. That Hispanic female, Ashley Cecilia Castaneda, 31, was arrested and charged with Possession of Methamphetamine in a Drug Free Zone.

During Castaneda's transport to the jail she told the officer that she had concealed a handgun inside her v@gina. Officers immediately stopped and a female officer searched Castaneda discovering she had in fact placed a loaded Smith and Wesson pistol inside her body cavity. The weapon had a round chambered and a full magazine of bullets.

There's no telling how long she had it up there or whether she could get to it quickly. Seems like an inconvenient place to store a weapon if a drug deal went bad.

"Hold on, hold on. I knew I shouldn't have worn a romper."

bad word lisa brown say what now fallout vagina - 6359553024
By Unknown
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It's been a week since since the Michigan Legislature declared war on the word "vagina," and the two sides are nowhere near a ceasefire.

In case you missed it -- State Rep. Lisa Brown accidentally created her own Vagina Monologue when she dared speak the offensive word during a debate on anti-abortion legislation in the statehouse:

Finally Mr. Speaker, I'm flattered that you're all so interested in my vagina, but "no" means "no."

Banned the next day from further debate, Brown's supporters promptly took up her cause, defending her decision -- and right -- to use the word "vagina."

Hundreds rallied this week at the Michigan Capitol as lawmakers staged a mini-performance of The Vagina Monologues, and women especially are defending Brown in a show of solidarity. And of course, there's a Michigan Vagina T-shirt for sale to commemorate the controversy.

Brown penned an op-ed this week that lambastes the decision to censor the v-word:

In the aftermath of this, Rep. Jim Stamas, whose job it was to issue the edict against me, said he "honestly had no idea it would become such an issue." I find it amazing that a fellow legislator wouldn't understand why it's outrageous not to just silence me, but my 90,000 constituents.

Still, the question remains: What on earth should Brown have said instead?

[thanks, heidi!]