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30 Quirky Tumblr Posts That'll Get You Laughing

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water gifs for even the most thirsty individual. The cover gif is of a dog lapping up water on a macro camera lense in very slow motion

Thirsty Gifs To Cool You Off

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what would happen if you tried to photocopy water? Find out the hilarious result and real test

Photocopying Water Hoax, And What Would Really Happen?

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NASA scientists discovered water vapor and potentially a massive amount of water hiding under the surface of Jupiter's moon Europa

NASA Scientists Discovered Water Vapor on Jupiter's Moon Europa

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researchers created a metal that is unsinkable

Scientists Just Created Unsinkable Metal

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how amateur videos help scientists understand tsunamis more

Amateur Footage Helps Us Understand Tsunamis More

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light powered robot with soft body first of it's kind

This Soft-Bodied Swimming Robot Is Powered Entirely By Light

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Astronaut on the International Space Station takes a timelapse while

Astronaut Nick Hague Took a Time Lapse of the Earth From the ISS And This Is What He Saw

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Pics of animals drinking water that are clearly very thirsty to be trying so hard to quench their thirst

20 Very Thirsty Animals

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cool star wars water - 84052481

Battle of the Day: Fans Recreate Star Wars Speeder Bike Fight in Real Life on Water

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Conspiracy of the Day: Rush Limbaugh Thinks Water on Mars is a Climate Change Left-Wing Conspiracy

Rush Limbaugh thinks water on Mars is a
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Discovery of the Day: There's Liquid Water on Mars, Y'all

New evidence points to liquid water on Mars.
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White People of the Day: Whole Foods Sold a Jar of Water with Three Asparagus Stalks in It for $6

Whole foods sold a jar of asparagus water for $6.
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water jennifer lawrence tattoos - 72762369

Jennifer Lawrence's New Tattoo is a Mistake. And She Knows It.

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water cute facebook elephants playing rescue - 2566

Animal of the Day: Elephant Plays in Sprinkler

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Video Games IRL of the Day: Vigilante Mario Brothers Bring Water to Poor in Italy

IRL mario Italy video games water - 8391820032
Via Vocativ
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