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Winter Storm Neptune gave New England quite a beating this weekend, piling even more snow on the area after what has been a pretty terrible month thus far.

One good thing to come out of it all: this video of The Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore freaking out about Thundersnow.

It’s basically just what it sounds like, thunder during a snowstorm. But here’s a more detailed explanation of the phenomenon from

Thunderstorms accompanied by snow are usually of a different character than the “normal” thunderstorm. The latter are usually rather tall, narrow storms containing a rising updraft of warm, moist air that has risen in a layer from near the surface that may go upward to 40,000 feet or more. Temperatures at the surface are usually well above freezing. Snowstorms, by contrast, are mostly associated with rather extensive layers of flat, relatively shallow cloud.

While covering the blizzard in Plymouth, Massachusetts early Sunday morning, Cantore got super excited with every clap of thunder.

“Yes! Yes! We got it baby!” he shouted while jumping around in the snow. “You can have your $500 million jackpot in Powerball or whatever the heck it was. But I’ll take this baby!”

And then this happened too.

Watch a little toddler get just as excited as he does, only from the comfort of her living room.

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Is this the best costume of the day?

Louisville-based Meteorologist Jude "Bones" Redfield cleverly incorporated the green screen into his costume Friday morning, delivering the weather forecast as a skeleton.

And in other news, it's going to rain in Louisville tonight.