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The Associated Press Learns the Hard Way that Commas Save Lives

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Via AP

Former Pie-F***er and Current OITNB Star Jason Biggs Wins the "Too Soon" Award for Today's Tragic Event

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Via Jason Biggs

An Arizona Political Hopeful Mistook a Van Full of YMCA Kids for Sad Migrant Workers, so That Should End Well

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Via Huffington Post
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A Correspondent From UK Agency Sky News Swallowed a Fly on the Air

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Fail of the Day: You Have One Notification and an Immediate Trip to the Laundromat

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A Letter Goes a Long Way of the Day: Man Sues Airline for Sending Him to Grenada Instead of Granada

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Via Mashable
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Early Celebration of the Day: Speller 38 from This Year's Scripps Jumps the Gun on the Victory Celebration

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Netflix Has Been Mixing and Matching Their Summaries in the Most Hilarious Bug of the Week

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Via Summary Bug
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These Chinese Soldiers Prove You Should Work on Your Throwing Arm BEFORE the Live Fire Drill

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Fail of the Day: The Portuguese Navy Could Learn a Thing or Two More About Remote-Controlled Drones

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Somebody at US Airways Has a Lot of Explaining to Do

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Via US Airways

A 16-Year-Old Brit Tried to Rescue Her Phone From a Drain. This is How it Went.

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Via Kent Online
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If an Idiot Shoots a Tree in a Forest...

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Things Literally Implode When This Septic Tank Drainage Goes Wrong

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Flub of the Day: Pope Francis Accidentally Says a No-No Word in His Weekly Address

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Tourist Attraction of the Day: A Woman in Scotland Fills out the Wrong form on TripAdvisor. Now She's 87th of 168 Attractions.

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