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funny not my job fail moments | AMBULANCE EMERGENCY ENTERTRANCE | case sink overheats or catches fire kitchen design not thought out properly

"Not My Job" Moments from The World's Slackers

Keep up the good work.
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Employee forced to do crazy shift, quits but then gets a raise and promotion | Posted by u/SGCanadian 17 hours ago Gets fired, ends up with promotion instead oc L This story comes used work global big box store may or may not start with W As an aside they also aren't known well they treat staff either TL;DR at bottom. At time this happened worked store room unloading trucks and bringing stock floor be stocked by overnight crew. Our shift at time 330pm-12am. Our store manager made clear no

Employee Walks Out, Gets a Promotion

If only quitting got everyone a raise.
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Funny memes about work, boss, management, manager | surprised pikachu meme Boss: do more pay more Boss. Can u come at 9 instead 12 requested $25 Eric. See Details $25 requested $25 Eric. Pending

Funny Memes For Anyone Who's Irritated By Their Boss

These apply to pretty much everyone.
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A crazy boss tries to overwork an employee, doesn't compensate them, and ends up regretting it | r/MaliciousCompliance u/WatanabeSama 1d Join Crazy boss tries make work more than anyone, but doesn't want pay accordingly L First, some info and backstory: Minimum wage Brazil R$954,00/month 180,00/month nowadays Back May 2017 started working companny as 2D designer Intern. 2 months later started working hourly, but with some benefits started making R$ 1500,00/month 280,00/month).

Crazy Boss Tries To Overwork Employee, Doesn't Pay Accordingly, Regrets It

Crazy boss shouldn't have played that game.
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funny and relatable work memes | My favorite part Star Wars Darth Vader lost his cool during staff meeting and started choking co-worker.

Work Memes for the Hustle as Well as the Bustle

Jobs can be a mixed bag.
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Employee maliciously complies with free donut day and bully coworkers | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/grillbuster5 11 hours ago is MY day buy donuts entire office as new person Well OK oc M As new person" at my job told multiple times expected provide donuts entire office. Normally s not big deal but two people particular were rude and relentless about donuts all week. Others joined also. Apparently, these people recently extorted two boxes Krispy Kremes someone else.

New Employee is Not Having Free Donut Day

Line in the sand.
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Boss tells employee that they're not a manager, so malicious compliance ensues | r/MaliciousCompliance Join u/more-input 22h Boss tells l'm not manager so stopped doing her job M background work mental health and substance use services have worked my job long time now. My boss is never available help and hardly on site. Recently she has got new manager who is not impressed with her work ethic, but then lock down happened and he had shield, she has gone straight back her old ways. Boss will often

Boss Orchestrates Their Own Downfall

Malicious compliance for the win.
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Funny work memes, relatable work memes, dank memes, office memes | job ask suggestions make workplace better wine alcohol | see co-worker walking towards microwave with fish and broccoli StupidResumes

Work Memes For People Who Are Over It

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Consultant gets angry when being told what to wear, can't do her job | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/DanielCade 5 days ago Don't ever tell wear oc L Some years ago organisation work brought consultant make us more efficient and reduce waste. She working across number teams including team worked our team most our work is office based (about 75 but often work retail environments and occasionally industrial settings other teams consultant working alongside all seemed be totally office based.

Consultant Will Not Be Told What To Wear, Including PPE

That could have gone better.
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A supervisor belittles a dishwasher, and ends up suffering for it as a result | r/ProRevenge u/TheOnlySez 17h JOIN 5 3 5 Supervisor belittles make him suffer Strap This is long one! Note: All names have been changed privacy reasons those who don't know about my old job my don't work here" story got job back

Supervisor Talks Down To Dishwasher, Ends Up Suffering

Chad was playing with fire.
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Funny memes about working | why did choose our company? because are recruiting can bring company new employee Lego doctor | manager is actually nice change, and doesn't ask anything return 836 know this is trap just don't know Leslie Knope Parks and Recreation

16 Sassy Work Memes For People Going Back To The Office

Relatable memes for the jaded office worker.
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Doctor takes revenge on his trainer by opening up offices around him | r/ProRevenge Join u/bleedybutts 2y Uncle bankrupts his previous employer Not sure if this is petty or pro or whatever be judge My uncle is an Indian doctor 90s there massive doctors shortage Australia so government gave him citizenship. Unfortunately still had sit 3 expensive exams work as doctor Australia. These exams cost thousands dollars, only happened twice year, had limited sitting spots/times and had arbitrary

Uncle Bankrupts Previous Mean Employer

Good for this guy.
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Funny lazy unprofessional not my job moments | lovely lady lumpenprole @thelovelylumpen just checking if crow CORVID TESTING OSEPH P KEEFF covid 19 | parked car surrounded by fresh cement

"Not My Job" Moments of Impressive Unprofessionalism

Someone else can get around to that.
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A medical transportation uses malicious compliance for good | r/MaliciousCompliance u/witwats 2y Join don't work here anymore hey, boss, got an opening M Worked Medical Transportation company had contract with Medicaid. One their many rules could not provide any assistance patient INSIDE their house. One elderly lady had an old house with very small foyer had climb three steps get main floor only other entrance around back and up two and half flights rickety steps an old deck opened into bedroom

Medical Transportation Employee Maliciously Complies For Good

That inspector had zero chill.
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An owner short changes their workers and ends up learning their lesson | Short change workers might just come back haunt context started work at frozen yogurt shop (Menchies) at age 14. Here U.S, there's loads laws governing much and often those under age 16 can work, but many employers are willing ignore simply because their employees don't know any better. Anyways, fast forward few months and basically 1 employee any job nobody else will do (because being 14 at time thought my boss king They w

Owner Short Changes Workers, Learns Their Lesson

That's how it's done.
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Funny not my job fails | misaligned doors that don't close because of the handles | warped road marks on newly poured concrete

Unprofessional Moments That Were Someone's One Job

Great work.
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