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crazy feats of the human body

40 Incredible Feats That Most People Can't Do

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birthday fire world record - 84182785

Fire Hazard of the Day: 72,585 Candles Burning on One Birthday Cake

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New Fear of the Day: Robot Destroys Rubik’s Cube Record, Signals to Humanity: “Your Time is Almost Up.”

robot sets rubiks cube record
Via The Daily Mail
youtube world record rubiks cube Video - 83472641

World Record of the Day: Man Solves Rubik's Cube in Under Five Seconds, Makes Us Self-Conscious About Our Hands

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Battle photoshop world record - 639493

Photoshop of the Day: 105-Year-Old Sprinter Gets Many Makeovers

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Sprinter of the Day: 105-Year-Old Japanese Man Breaks World Record for 100-Meter Dash, Wants to Take on Usain Bolt

Hidekichi Miyazaki breaks the world record for the 100-Meter Dash.
Via Japan Times
world record rubiks cube - 103431

Speedcuber of the Day: Teen Keeps His Ruibk's Cube Title by Solving it in Under 6 Seconds

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technology science world record Video g rated win - 71271937

Feat of the Day: Man Sets Guinness World Record for Hoverboard Travel

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world record rubiks cube Video - 70605825

Record of the Day: Watch a Guy Solve a Rubik’s Cube in 5.25 Seconds

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wisdom old people world record Video - 69206529

Quote of the Day: World’s Oldest Person Misao Okawa Says Life Was Too Short

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dominos world record Video - 67171073

World Record of the Day: Watch More Than 54,000 Dominoes Go Down in a ‘Circle Bomb’

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cars insane Video world record g rated win - 65457409

World Record of the Day: Watch This Modified Toyata Supra Go From 0-240 MPH in Six Seconds

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beer Video Stupid Human Tricks world record - 64291585

Meet the Living Legend and National Treasure That Can Carry 27 Liters of Beer at Once

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cars close call world record Video fail nation - 62031105

This Was Going to be the Longest Car Jump in the World, but Here's How Everything Went Wrong

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The World is Not Prepared for This 125-Pound Hot Dog

hot dog food world record g rated win - 8121956096
Via Metro
what Video world record g rated win - 58986497

In Case You Were Wondering, There IS a World Record for Nose-Typing, and This Guy is the Reigning Champ

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