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A man died after being run over by a Jelly Belly CEO's husband driving a tank
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In a very sad and very weird story, a man lost his life after being run over by a tank, driven by a Jelly Belly executive's husband.

Oh, and it happened during a family reunion.

Apparently, the family-owned confectionary company is staffed with lovers of big military stuff. They need people to maintain and handle that big military stuff. Kevin Wright was one of those people.

The Los Angeles Times sheds some light on this strange story:

The accident occurred about 2:25 p.m. Saturday afternoon on the property of fourth-generation candy maker Herman Rowland Sr. during a family reunion, authorities said. Rowland is a collector of the military vehicles, which he stores in a restoration facility known as "The Tank Barn," the Daily Republic reported.

Rowland's daughter, Lisa Rowland Brasher, was named chief executive in March and reports to her father, who is now the company's chairman. It was her husband, Dwayne Brasher, 62, of Vacaville, who was driving the 1944 M5 tank, authorities said.

The California Highway Patrol said the victim was Kevin Wright, 54, of Suisun City, Calif.

Here's a picture of Wright:

Maybe the Jelly Belly family will stick to more pacifist hobbies in the future.

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YouTuber EmperorTigerstar offers a sweeping look at the ebbs and flows of the front lines in the European theater during World War II, from the German invasion of Poland in 1939 to the surrender of the Nazis in 1945.

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Wow -- Dutch historian Jo Teeuwisse is obsessed with creating these haunting then-and-now composite photos of Europe during World War II.

Don't miss the rest of her amazing collection.

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By Unknown
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In 1939, William Patrick Hitler fled Nazi Germany to join relatives in the U.S. He attempted to enlist with the U.S. Armed Forces, but was rejected because of his uncle -- Adolf Hitler.

Finally, in 1942, he penned an eloquent plea to President Franklin D. Roosevelt to let him join the Allied cause. Here's an excerpt:

I am the nephew and only descendant of the ill-famed Chancellor and Leader of Germany who today so despotically seeks to enslave the free and Christian peoples of the globe. ...

I am one of many, but I can render service to this great cause and I have a life to give that it may, with the help of all, triumph in the end. ...

As to my integrity, Mr. President, I can only say that it is a matter of record and it compares somewhat to the foresighted spirit with which you, by every ingenuity known to statecraft, wrested from the American Congress those weapons which are today the Nation's great defense in this crisis. I can also reflect that in a time of great complacency and ignorance I tried to do those things which as a Christian I knew to be right. As a fugitive from the Gestapo I warned France through the press that Hitler would invade her that year. The people of England I warned by the same means that the so-called "solution" of Munich was a myth that would bring terrible consequences. On my arrival in America I at once informed the press that Hitler would loose his Frankenstein on civilization that year. Although nobody paid any attention to what I said, I continued to lecture and write in America. Now the time for writing and talking has passed and I am mindful only of the great debt my mother and I owe to the United States. More than anything else I would like to see active combat as soon as possible and thereby be accepted by my friends and comrades as one of them in this great struggle for liberty.

The rest of the letter is equally stunning.

The letter, by the way, made it to FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, who eventually cleared Hitler for service. He joined the Navy in 1944 and was discharged after an injury in 1947. He died in 1987.