Crappy Design of the Day: China Cuts Corners Building This Rectangular Race Track

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China National Radio described the stadium as having "rectangular tracks" around its soccer pitch.

"It is difficult to turn and easy to fall," local resident Gong Xiaona told provincial television program Newsnight.

The program quoted a stadium staffer as saying that the previous track was worn down by use.

"The current tracks were laid in a rush to deal with the visit by some provincial leaders," he said. "We ourselves feel it's ugly, but who can change it if our bosses don't care?"

Maybe they should have literally cut some corners...

Stupidly Satisfying of the Day: This Dad Has Created the Ultimate Laugh Factory for Himself Using Two Bins

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From the description:

Day 1: Father discovers bins with sensors that trigger when he walks by, laughs every time.
Day 2: Dad begins greeting bins as if they were loyal, eager dogs.
Day 3: Dad creates infinitely triggering bin cycle, laughs ass off.

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