Brace yourself for emotions.

e-Nablers is an incredible organization of volunteers, engineers, teachers and artists who come together to design, build and give away 3D printed prosthetics.

They documented presenting one of their new prosthetics to 8-year-old Isabella last month. And it is beautiful.

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Via: CNN
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Tired about the speculation circling his flaxen halo of hair, Donald Trump invited an event attendee to examine his hair to make sure it was real.

He did caution the audience that he does use hairspray, but that didn't stop the investigating woman to quickly confirm that it was real.

Deadline Hollywood wrote about the campaign stunt:

The stunt was by way of attacking The New York Times for what Trump described as a front-page inaccuracy – NYT being today's Donald Trump Media Target. Never any downside to blasting the media, which Trump has used to his headline-grabbing advantage, following his grilling by FNC moderators at the first GOP debate and by Univision star Jorge Ramos at a recent news conference.

"I'm always in the front page of The New York Times now … I'm going to set a record for that too," the real estate mogul simpered at the top of his speech to the Upstate Chamber Coalition's Presidential Series in Greenville, SC.

The quote that drove Trump to such follicle extremes came from this story about Trump's problem courting Spanish media outlets

Ricardo Sánchez, known as "El Mandril" on his Spanish drive-time radio show in Los Angeles, has taken to calling Donald J. Trump "El hombre del peluquín" — the man of the toupee.
Paula Deen will be on Dancing with the Stars.
Via: Mashable
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The past few years haven't been much of a cakewalk for Paula Deen and it'll probably stay that way as the stigmatized celebrity chef tries to keep up with other C-list high-steppers.

She's going to be on the next season of Dancing with the Stars.

According to Variety:

The former Food Network star has reportedly been cast in season 21 of "Dancing With the Stars," along with Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys, Triple Crown-winning jockey Victor Espinoza and the previously announced Bindi Irwin of "Crocodile Hunter" fame.

Deen, who was dropped by the food cabler in 2013 after making headlines for racially charged comments, had been asked to join past seasons of "DWTS," though ABC declined to comment on her current casting.

It was only a few months ago that she took her most recent, brown-faced step into controversy. And we hope that she won't try to worm her way back into our arteries by performing any culturally sensitive dances.

Only twerking and the Electric Slide for her.

We proabbaly won't be watching.

Oxford English Dictionary adds many new words including awesomesauce, manspreading, mic drop, bitchface,
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As they do from time to time, the people behind the Oxford English Dictionary need to prove to the young people, they're still with it slang-wise. They announced the new addition of many, many words Aug. 27.

It's an exhaustive list, and a varied one. 'Manspreading', 'NBD', 'fangirl', 'hangry', 'brain fart', 'b*tch face', 'bruh', 'butthurt', 'fur baby', 'MacGyver, 'mkay', 'rando', 'swole' and just so many others.

And they give a good effort towards explanation in their introductory blog post, without giving a simplified list. That frustrated me.

The mic drop in question can be a literal 'instance of deliberately dropping or tossing aside one's microphone at the end of a performance or speech one considers to have been particularly impressive', but it's more likely to be figurative – or an exclamation to emphasize a particularly impressive point: Nuff said. Mic drop.

If you want to describe something as excellent, you can use awesomesauce; on the other side of the coin, anything of a poor or disappointing standard is weak sauce. Weak sauce came first, and has a more comprehensible origin as a metaphor; an inadequate sauce would certainly let down an otherwise decent meal. Though awesomesauce clearly comes from the words awesome and sauce, the former is currently beating the latter in the Oxford English Corpus and Oxford Twitter Corpus.

The breadth of the words that have been added are actually pretty huge. Some are very contemporary, like the inclusion of 'Mx." as an ungendered alternative to Mr. or Ms. and even the addition of 'cat café' is something representative of a relatively recent eatery trend.

But there are other new words that seem woefully old. Like, they added 'pwn', 'pwned' and 'pwnage'. First, if the OED is so proud of its timeliness, those words should have been in there about a decade ago. Second, probably because no one's used those terms since then.

They also included 'butt dial'. Cell phones have been near ubiquitous for 15 years and so have butt dials. It's crazy to think they hadn't added that yet. The same goes for the new inclusion of 'beer-o-clock', 'manic pixie dream girl' and even 'redditor'.

So, go read the blog post and rest easy that most of the words you and your friends stopped using last year are now officially a part of the Oxford English Dictionary.

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You know, life is difficult enough with out the ground itself opening up to swallow you.

Unfortunately, four bus riders faced that very fate in northern China this week. A sinkhole about 10-feet-deep caved in under a sidewalk, welcoming those poor people into its waiting maw.

As the Associated Press reported:

A provincial broadcaster said four people were injured in the Saturday incident in the provincial capital of Harbin.

The surveillance camera video shows pedestrians walking or standing on the sidewalk when it suddenly gave in.

Three people fell straight into the hole, while a woman clung to pipes just underneath the sidewalk. Another person standing on the edge fell sideways into the hole.

Luckily, they all survived. Unluckily, now they will live with the knowledge that the ground hungers for them and can open up again at any time.

Now, we all have to live with that knowledge.

Via: FOX Sports
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Lucille Fleming has a mean arm on her and she proved it at the Aug. 26 Rangers game.

The 103-year-old got to throw out the first pitch for the game, making one of her dreams come true.

She described the event as "heavenly" and said she recently survived a harrowing trip to the hospital in hopes that she could see her Rangers play.

Just look at that curve.

The Rangers should have kept Fleming on the mound because they didn't have too much luck against the Toronto Blue Jays that game. Fleming's favorite team lost 12-4.

Way to root for your home team, Lucille.

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Taylor Swift has dragged out many, many, many special guests during her 1989 World Tour, but few, if any have inspired this much 1990s nostalgia.

Introducing her as Phoebe Buffey, Taylor Swift brought Lisa Kudrow up in front of the screaming stadium for a quiet and intimate rendition of Kudrow's song Smelly Cat from this little show you might have heard of called Friends.

Heres a wider, much stabler video:

If you're unfamiliar with Smelly Cat because maybe you were born in the 90s and too young to bask in the ultra-caucasian glow of Friends, you can watch the original here:

And we will now open bets as to who will join Swift on stage yet. Norm from Cheers? Garfield the cat? George W. Bush's twin daughters? The Count from Sesame Street? That crazy astronaut who wore a diaper to confront the rival for her love?

Who knows!

A Segway Defeats Usain Bolt Minutes After He Wins Another World Champtionship
Via: USA Today
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Segways, or jerk strollers as their known, have no place in our world, especially when they are attacking top athletes.

The awesome Usain Bolt had just won his crazy fourth 200-meter victory in the Beijing world championships and was taking an extended bow to the gathered fans. Then, tragedy struck bolt.

Or rather some camera dude on a Seqway.

Fortunately for the world, and for the fate of that cameraman, Bolt came out of it unscathed.

Though Bolt got up holding his leg around his Achilles, causing Jamaica to hold its collective breath, he seemed fine and continued jogging around the track and taking pictures with the crowd. That's good, because as long as no one got injured, the whole thing was hilarious because that photographer — he was on a Segway, which makes it at least 75% funnier.

There are many videos of it.

And here's another angle:

And here's a Twitter video:

The best part is how he just rolls up like it's nbd. Because he's Usain Bolt.

tomatoes,food fight,la tomatina,Spain
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Over 20,000 people came together in Spain Aug. 26 for the 70th Anniversary of the La Tomatina festival, which is basically just an event where they pelt each other with fruit.

Doesn't it sound fun!?

The festival, which takes place in Buñol, began in 1945 inspired by a food fight between children. Every year 175 tons of tomatoes are hurled at the faces of neighbors and loved ones.

Google even made a regional doodle about it:

And the pictures are just fantastic.

The Guardian has some great footage of the food fight:

This is definitely going on our bucket list.

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