Animal of the Day: Shih Tzu on a Treadmill in a Teddy Bear Costume

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Very cute Munchkin… but you are doing this all wrong.

You're supposed to work out AFTER you eat all those Thanksgiving leftovers.

Daredevil of the Day: Man Scales 920-Foot Chimney in Romania

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This video will make your palms sweat.

The latest insane person to climb something ridiculously high with GoPro camera for kicks, is this dude.

Flaviu Cernescu recently climbed up an abandoned 920-foot tall chimney in Romania without any safety equipment, and then walked around on the rusted beams and loose bricks at the top.

Why? To motivate others.

"My message is to inspire people to take on their dreams step by step. The goal is not to imitate or outdo somebody but to do what you love and love what you do," he said.

And maybe also try not to die.

Fail of the Day: BBC Anchor Picks Wrong Camera

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Hi, I'm Martine Croxall, and I am invisible.

This BBC News anchor accidentally stood in front of the wrong camera Monday night, so viewers were left staring at an empty chair.

She handled it very well, however, and instructed everyone to "pretend like you haven't noticed."

Podcast of the Day: ‘Serial’ Gets a Cereal Parody

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You knew this was coming.

"Serial," a true crime series from the creators of "This American Life," is bringing podcasts back into the spotlight.

Each week Sarah Koenig brings listeners deeper and deeper into her investigation of case from 1999 about a young woman in Baltimore who was found murdered, presumably by her ex-boyfriend.

It's extremely addictive, but because it's Thanksgiving, there is no new episode this week. So one fan decided to make his own version of the show, surrounding a much less violent case.

"Knowing that fans will be chomping at the bit for their Serial fix, I decided to make my own podcast. It's about a bowl of Fruity Pebbles that went missing from the Baltimore area in 1999."

Daring Escape of the Day: Man Frees Robot From Room

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Double Robotics, the company that makes telepresence robots, set up a demonstration online where anyone could control one of their devices remotely and move it around a locked room.

One day the door to the room was left slightly ajar, so naturally an escape plan was hatched.

The user took it for a little stroll around the offices before realizing that any further attempts to leave were futile.

They may take its batteries, but they will never take its freedom!

See more at WIN!

Dancing With the Stars Had a Mario Bros. Freestyle Dance Routine and it Was Actually Fantastic

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Last night on Dancing With The Stars, contestants Sadie Robertson and Mark Ballas put together this Mario freestyle routine.

PR Stunt of the Day: Author Sends Lamb Chop Into Space

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We can land on a comet, but we haven't yet sent a hunk of meat into space?

What's the deal NASA?

To promote the release of his new book "Meatspace," author Nikesh Shukla attached a tandoori lamb chop to a weather balloon, rigged with GPS and a camera, and sent it 82,000 feet up into the Earth's atmosphere.

It soared high enough to see the curve of the earth before crashing back down on a farm in England.