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Mark Twain once referred to golf as “a good walk spoiled,” and these dudes are looking to spoil a spoiled walk.

Using a a golf simulator, some garbage, a leaf blower, and a bucket of hail, the team at Dude Perfect are showing us what it’s like to golf in extreme weather. And it's not that pretty. 

via Paper

But that’s not all.

They’re leaving what weather and how you golf up to chance, using a weather wheel and a wheel to determine where they would be hitting from. They spin the wheels and do what it says. Then, the other dudes make it happen, which mostly means pelting their friend with garbage.

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It’s already been a big day for President-elect Donald Trump, the billionaire reality TV game show host who won the presidency last month. Earlier today, he called to cancel Boeing’s Air Force One contract and a New York City Councilman asked Trump to leave New York. This is coming off of a long week (a loooooooong week) of diplomatic blunders and concern.

Seth Meyers took a Closer Look at Trump’s long week, which is inching ever closer to a longer four years, on last night’s Late Night. Seth dove into the last week of Trump and found that after the calls of voter fraud and calls with Taiwan, maybe it’s time for a new pledge of a allegiance. Instead of placing our hands over our hearts, we would place the palm of our hands over our forehead.

Check it out in the video above.

via Late Night with Seth Meyers

picture of giant huntsman spider eating a lizard
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Nature is a cruel beast. If you aren’t doing the eating, you’re the one being eaten.

Wish someone had told this lizard that, though.

Another one doing the eating that night was Melanie Jade Ottaway, who sat down to eat dinner when she noticed this gigantic huntsman spider about to chow down on a gecko. The spider sat patiently on a glass door with the lizard hanging out of its mouth. Nature is terrifying.

via A Total Misreading Of

She told The Daily Mail, “'We just sat down to have dinner at the dining table and noticed something massive on the glass sliding door. I got up to have a closer look and there it was, a huge huntsman with a gorgeous little gecko in. It was too late to save him, so we let nature take its path.”

Nature, your cruel ways are a mystery to us all. We march on in fear.

via Popkey

Every year, there's one holiday gift that ignites shoppers' imagination. Whether it's a Tickle Me Elmo or a Furby, kids cry for them and parents go crazy to find them. 2016 is no different with the release of Nordstrom's Rock in a Leather Pouch.

Exactly what it sounds like, this Rock in a Leather Pouch, or as they call it "Medium Leather Wrapped Stone," retails for $85. Every child will want one. 

via Gemini Dragon Gifs

The description explains the piece in greater detail: 

A paperweight? A conversation piece? A work of art? It's up to you, but this smooth Los Angeles-area stone—wrapped in rich, vegetable-tanned American leather secured by sturdy contrast whipstitching— is sure to draw attention wherever it rests. A traditional hardening process gives the leather a beautiful ombré effect. Like all Made Solid pieces, this one is cut, shaped, sewn and finished by hand in artist Peter Maxwell's Los Angeles studio. Using vintage leatherworking tools and traditional saddle-stitching techniques, Maxwell aims to create beautiful designs that embody both simplicity and functionality, and that develop rich character and patina over time.

Whatever this thing is, we want one. Check out some of the best reactions to Nordstrom's Rock in a Leather Pouch.

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star wars fan spends 10 years on millennium falcon replica ahead of rogue one
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There are few people more dedicated and forgiving than Star Wars fans. No matter how bad the movies get or how much money they waste, the fans always return to Degobah to continue to their training.

Meet Kevin Hill, an artist Rotherham, England, who in 2006 decided to build a scale model of Han Solo’s ship, the Millennium Falcon, from scratch. The process would take 10 years to complete, but get this, he decided to do this after the prequels had been released.

Hill made the model for a friend's sci-fi convention, thinking at the time that the last Star Wars movie would be Revenge of the Sith, and yet, he persevered. After all, no one knew that their were more movies coming at the time.

via The Daily Mail

The model is 1:18 scale model, which is 6-feet long and 4-feet wide, and weighs 168 pounds. Started when he was 35, the model took a decade to finish, meaning a 35-year-old may have seen the three prequels and still went ahead with the project.

To his credit, he doesn’t even care that much about Star Wars, so the fact that the prequels are terrible probably didn’t even matter much to him.

“I'm not a massive Star War fan — I don't collect anything — but I just love Sci-fi movies,” he said.

via The Daily Mail

According to The Daily Mail, “The surface detail mainly comprises model-kit parts, space toy parts and other random salvaged items. The larger structural details such as cockpit and radar dish are vacuum formed using MDF moulds and he has used LED lights for the cockpit and thruster lights. Such is the level of detail he has added scars to the paintwork to demonstrate weathering.”

The model is quite impressive, almost as impressive as his desire to complete in spite of the world’s reaction to the prequel trilogy. Hill’s Millennium Falcon is set to sell at auction for about $7,600 to a world ready to love Star Wars again.

Check out the model below. It’s even more impressive knowing that this man may have seen the prequels and still went through with this:


Photos via The Daily Mail

reddit user founded a church of harambe approved by IRS
Via: agc4
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In many ways, everyone on the planet would like to never hear the name Harambe again. We get it, ok? Dudes on Reddit think the gorilla getting shot is very funny. The joke is played.

But almost by divine providence, if you will, someone found a new way into the joke.

Reddit user agc4 is now the founder and first member of the Church of Latter Day Harambe, a new holy community that just received approval from the IRS.

As of now, we only have a letter addressed to the founder and not much more information on how to join the church because apparently the founder "lost" the letter. Not a great sign for the new religion.

via agc4
Another Reddit user chimed in without to create your own church, too.

So as of now, we’re a little light on details about the Church of Latter Day Harambe. Until some more develops, enjoy this clip from Last Week Tonight With John Oliver from the time John started his own church, Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption.

woman writes wedding hashtags for money in most millennial job ever
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Everyone agrees: The most important part of the wedding is the hashtag.

You could have the right dress, cake, and DJ, but if your hashtag fails to inspire and delight your guests, guess what, no one had a good time. The hashtag lives on long after the music ends and leaves an indelible print on your pictures. It’s the first thing that guests ask for and the last thing they forget.

So why would you leave the hashtag up to the amateurs?

Gunning for the title of most millennial job of 2016, Marielle Wakim, a Los Angeles-based magazine editor, is offering personalized wedding for a low, low price. “Happily Ever #Hashtagged,” Wakim’s business offers hashtags, charging $40 for one and $115 for three options. She’s also willing to tag bachelor and bachelorette parties.

via @happilyeverhashtagged

Recently, Wakim’s wedding hashtags were featured on Good Morning America, where John Legend didn’t seem too impressed by them. Although, we’re in agreement, the one she wrote for George and Amal Clooney, “AmalYourGeorge,” was pretty solid. 

For more on Wakim, check out her interview in Mashable or simply call her because you don’t want your special day to be ruined, do you?

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