amazon sells bacon flavored lip balm
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We’ve reached peak bacon.

Believing that everyone wants to enjoy a salty kiss, the manufacturer Accoutrements introduces Bacon Lip Balm, the only lip balm that lets your friends know that you need help.

Yes, we’ve seen bacon take the country by storm over the last few years, leading to bacon floss and air freshener. Though, few things should let your loved one know that you have a problem quite like this bacon flavored lip balm. In fact, upon kissing you, they’ll probably back up complaining that their lips burn, like you eat Tostitos without any salsa.

The Amazon description boasts the lip balm:

  • Heals Dry and Cracked Lips
  • Bacon Fresh
  • Wonderful Bacon Smell

One can only imagine with the expression “Bacon Fresh” actually means.

Anyway, if you’re one of those people the pretends bacon or having a beard makes you an interesting person, today is your luck day. If not, please move along.

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marist poll says whatever is the most annoying word of the year
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Ok, you disaffected teens, listen up. We all know you’re too cool to care about anything, but frankly, we're sick of having to pretend to be cool around you. We’re tired of raising our hands for a high five only to watch you pull your hand away, run your fingers through your hair, and say that we're "too slow."

And now the tables have turn.

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In a new Marist Poll, “Whatever” was voted as the most annoying word, followed by some other teen favorites, like “no offense, but” and “I can’t even.” What can’t you even? What?!? Please, tell us!

Marist reports: “‘Whatever’ irritates 38% of Americans followed by ‘no offense, but’ with 20%. ‘You know, right’ is irksome to 14% of residents nationally as is ‘I can’t even,’ 14%. “Huge” grates on the nerves of 8% of Americans, and 5% are unsure.”

Take that, teens. But, as it turns out, only olds find “whatever” offensive. 49 percent of Americans over 45 find “whatever offensive.” Then it starts to dip into other offensive youth talk.

“Digging deeper, ‘whatever’ tops the list for those 30 to 44 years old, 33%, Americans 45 to 59 years of age, 48%, and those 60 and older, 49%. Among Americans under 30, ‘I can’t even’ takes top honors with 33%.”

Either way, keep your bad attitude to yourself, teens. And stay off my lawn.

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H/T Huffington Post

mark zuckerberg from facebook builds smart home AI jarvis voiced by morgan freeman
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Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of perennial time-waster Facebook, has decided the day-to-day of making toast, picking out a shirt, or teaching his daughter Mandarin is a little too much for a 32-year-old technology giant. So he did what any average joe would do: He built an AI inspired by Iron Man and voiced by Morgan Freeman to run his house for him.

Taking smart houses to the next level, Zuckerberg built the AI “Jarvis,” a functional AI he communicates with through his iPhone. He posted a video, which as he claims “is meant to be a fun summary and not a live demo,” but it should still leave you plenty jealous.

In a note on Facebook, he did post his methods for building Jarvis as well as some features, like face and voice recognition that allows people into his house and standard smart home functions, such as turning off and on lights.

via Facebook

Just think what I could do with all that time you spend answering the door and picking out a shirt. I could, um… Or, um… We’ll keep you with all the riveting things I could do with the time saved. Until then, enjoy the video.

youtuber adam saleh lashes back at delta for accusing him of faking racist flight removal
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Yesterday, we posted that YouTuber Adam Saleh— who is known, in part, for a recent airport security-related hoax — was allegedly thrown off of his Delta flight for speaking Arabic. Since then, both he and Delta have responded. 

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While Saleh maintains his position, Delta has claimed that he was removed because "he sought to disrupt the cabin with provocative behavior."

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However, as many were quick to point out, whether or not this is a prank, Islamophobia on planes and other places remains a very serious and prevelant issue. 

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Throw away your filters because Snapchat is about to get really gross.

That’s right, instead of making yourself look like some cute dog, Snapchat Spectacles are making it easier than ever to gross out your followers. Case in point, Shafi Ahemed, a UK surgeon recorded a hernia procedure. Of course, this was for his students, which actually could do the world a lot of good, but, seriously, gross, dude.


According to Mashable, “Around 200 students watched as he explained the procedure in 10-second snippets, showing different parts of the anatomy and detailing various procedures such as the initial incision.”

So now, what, 200 students have a better idea of what it’s actually like to go into surgery, while the rest of us have to suffer with this totally disgusting video. Thanks for nothing, Snapchat Spectacles.

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