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One part "White Christmas," two parts “Baby Please Come Home.”

What is it that makes Christmas music so Christmassy? Is it the chestnuts? The nutmeg? The cinnamon? Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

According to this new video from Vox, it’s a special chord found in some Christmas song classics that give it that special yuletide feel.

In this video, Vox talks to Adam Ragusea from Mercer University, who explains the influences of Mariah Carey’s hit and breaks the songs down note by note. When played together, Carey’s song sounds an awful lot like Irving Berlin’s “White Christmas” and the Phil Spector-penned “Baby Please Come Home.” But there’s one chord in particular that makes them brings them all together. In music terms, it’s going from a “tonic chord” to a “diminished chord.” But all you need to do is hear how similar these things seem to get the gist.

via Vox

Check out the video above, and enjoy the songs below. See if you can hear what makes them so Christmassy.


bad parker blocked in by barricade of shopping carts
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If you can’t stand the heat stay out of the kitchen, and if you can’t park, you best stay home all together.

Holiday retailer parking lots aren’t for the faint of heart, so unless you can park and park right, you run the risk of a little street justice. Just ask this shopper in Biddeford, Maine, who thought they could do whatever they want. Parking between two spots on one of the biggest shopping days of the year is a big no no, so other shoppers gave them what for.

via Simpsons World

Matthew Mills spotted the double parker surrounded by shopping carts in a Walmart parking lot, snapped a pick, and wrote “This guy got a lesson in parking” on Facebook. Roasted.

Mashable spoke to Mills, who said, “"I was going shopping with my father to get some last-minute gifts. I noticed the car was directly over the yellow line and surrounded by carts.”

"I went back and asked other employees if the car was recognizable, and they told me it was an employee that slid into the spot that way due to ice. I think they feel stupid because it was 45 degrees that day and there was no ice.”

Slid into the spot on ice? Who is this guy, Batman? There is only one law in the Walmart parking lot: Parking law, and it’s carried out by mob justice.


Guy Discovers Disturbing Mystery Object In His Bag of Potato Chips

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This is sure to leave a chip on your shoulder… a potato chip. Maybe. We’re not sure what this is.

Richard Noon found something so strange in his bag of potato chips that we’re not even totally sure what it is.

After opening a bag of Burts Chips, Noon pulled out a large, black rock, which looked something like a fossil or a lump of coal. Only one way to find out what it is.

via Wiffle Gif

"I suspect it may be a clump of something that has fallen off a machine during cooking,” said Noon, speaking to Mashable. “Maybe a lump of seasoning or something, it is quite heavy and curved on the inside. I'm surprised their QA (Quality Assurance) processes didn't spot it (i.e. weight control, etc.)."

"They didn't say what it was, they are sending an envelope out to send it back to them. They've already done something in the production side to make sure it doesn't happen again. Quite positive when you get to speak to them!”

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Buy an Ektorp if you want to sleep on ektorp.

Ikea has been facing a very Ikea like problem of late. No, not an overabundance of meatballs. I said Ikea-like problem, not delicious problem. Apparently, a couple of Belgian teens have been sleeping in Ikea, made a video documenting their slumber party, and influenced at least 10 other teens to do the same.

via Make A Gif

C’mon, teens. We live in a society of laws, and we don’t have time for your feel-good, devil may care attitude. Don’t put your shades, when I’m talking to you.


The BBC reported that if these sleepover don’t stop, Ikea will be forced to call your moth—er, police. They’ll be forced to call the police. In fact, they already called the cps on two 15-year-old Swedish girls, charging them with trespassing. They, apparently, never even made it out of the cupboards that they were hiding in because they were too afraid of setting off the alarms.

Ikea spoke to the BBC and said, "We appreciate that people are interested in Ikea and want to create fun experiences. However, the safety and security of our co-workers and customers is our highest priority and that's why we do not allow sleepovers in our stores. Maybe needless to say that the fun in it is overrated. A long night of sitting still, only to then risk getting into trouble with the law.”

There you have it, teens. Stop causing so much darn mischief and start studying or something.

via Toxic Eunoia

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Everyone has an opinion of Saturday Night Live. Is it funny? Is it not funny? What did the president elect tweet about it?

But the fact that everyone only focuses on the content of SNL is a real testament to its production. People hardly notice the time and effort that goes into putting together a sketch. All they care about is whether or not they made us laugh.

via Saturday Night Live

To shine a spotlight on the production, though, Saturday Night Live released a video showcasing the two-and-a-half minute changeover, from cold open sketch to monologue, and it’s pretty impressive.

Maybe think of this next time you say that SNL isn’t funny anymore. Or don’t, honestly, just because the show’s hard to make doesn’t mean you have to like it.