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Bane. Mad Max. Charles Bronson. Mother Goose?

Tom Hardy is mostly known for playing anti-social, bloodthirsty monsters. With his rich British accent and hulking physique, Hardy is an indomitable and unsuspecting screen presence known for tapping into the rawest parts of the human psyche. His voice synonymous with the eloquent ravings of a madman; his actions, the missing link between the modern and primordial man.

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So it should come as no surprise that Tom Hardy reading a bedtime story about a party that requires guests wear a hat sounds like he’s reading a malevolent riddle to the good people of Gotham City.

Appearing on the BBC’s CBeeBies BedTime Story on New Years Eve, Hardy chilled on a couch — golden retriever on his lap, giant stuffed monkey to his side — to read You Must Bring a Hat, a darling children’s book by Simon Philip and Kate Hindly. The story of a young man who was invited to a party with a very specific set of instructions, You Must Bring a Hat, as read by Tom Hardy, sounds like something Charles Bronson says before he beats someone in prison.

Tell me that, “All penguins accompanying pink-tutu-wearing elephants MUST bring with them a suitcase full of cheese” doesn’t sound like something this guy would say:

via Space Cadet

Or “You think darkness is your ally? You merely adopted the dark. I was born in it, molded by it.” Ok. That was from The Dark Knight Rises, but the point is because Hardy’s voice is closely connected to these lunatic characters, You Must Bring a Hat sounds like something they would say. Especially considering the book puts such dire emphasis on the whole “you must bring a hat to this party thing.”

Anyway, check out the video, close your eyes, and imagine Mad Max muttering this story under his breath.

via Fox Searchlight

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Say “Hello” to Kuri, a new robot that follows you around, charges on its own, plays music, and loves you. 

Reporting from the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Mashable introduced us to Kuri, who we fell in love with immediately. It's basically a cat that you can control and at least pretends to like you. 

Mashable write, "The 14-pound, 20-inch robot from Mayfield Robotics makes its debut this week at CES in Las Vegas. There’s no complicated touch screen or even an animated face. Instead, the rolling bot has a round head that can look up at you with two simple eyes (it even has plastic eyelids) and a cone-like body with a pair of what appear to be fixed, gray plastic arms." 

What does Kuri do exactly? Well, so far, all we know is that it wheels around your house, plays music, and apparently entertains children (although, the ad cuts before we see exactly how Kuri plays). 

In this ad, it shows how much better Kuri is than a parrot. 

Anyway, Kuri follows you around and plays music and can read stories. It’s just like the Jetsons. It's $699. Again, what Kuri does is still a mystery. Slap a vacuum cleaner under this thing, and you've got yourself a sale. 


Website of the Day: This Site Captures the Madness of 404 Error Pages

404. The number of the beast on the Internet. It means whatever you’re looking for is missing or possibly gone forever.

But there’s a certain magic to the 404 page.

Two artists, along with Vice Motherboard, have turned the worst webpage in the world into a work of bizarre art.

The 404error.gallery is a chance to see how far the 404 error could be taken. According to Motherboard, the 404error gallery was designed by artists and lecturer at the University of South Wales Matthew Britton and his friend Brett O’Connor. They “gave artists a week to respond to the concept of designing a 404 error page. The artist replies are now part of the ongoing archive at the 404error gallery online and there's 17 ace designs so far.”

Check out the website here. 

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Office fans now can now find a stare for any emotion. Some popular searches are happy:



Apparently there are 706 stares to choose from, and if you watch them all there is supposed to be a surprise video at the end. 

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Word to the wise: If you’re stuck in the middle seat between two family members, don’t have a total racist, homophobic freak out. Put on your headphones or something.

If only we could have offered that massage to this dude in the hat who went on a total bigotted tear on a United Airlines flight out of Auckland, NZ yesterday.

via Sapphire

According to SFist, “An angry man allegedly launched into a racist and homophobic rant after being seated between two other passengers of Indian or Pakistani descent on a San Francisco-bound flight out of Sydney on New Year's Day, leading to a confrontation with a flight attendant and the plane being diverted to Auckland and grounded there overnight.”

Can you imagine that? Being seated between two people who are talking. Ugh. What a nightmare! Well, that’s what this guy thought too. Apparently, his anger escalated from a rant about “Indians to Asians to Muslims to non-whites in general.” Imagine if he had just asked one his row mates to switch seats? After being asked to stop by flight attendant, whom he also had some words for, the pilot re-routed back to Auckland. He was then taken by police, where one might assume he got the middle seat in a cop car.

The whole experience was caught was caught by Neil Kay, who made some new friends because of the experience.  

Call me crazy, but it seems like they're having a better time than the dude who had the racist freak out.

hot topic employee deals with strange customer dragon guardian
Via @Axikor2
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You think it’s annoying dealing with Jeremy from accounting, try dealing with this dude who will soon become “The Eternal Dragon Guardian of Time.”

This Hot Topic employee is a real champ, engaging in the ramblings of royal being from another realm. How nice of them to respond to a statement like “my scales are turning gold, like my father’s” with “Well, that’s good then.” Or this classic exchange:

"I do not have rights to your soul."

"Oh, yeah, for real."

How else can you respond?

It’s hard to imagine a GAP employee or Hollister cashier having a light-hearted chat with a deity whose human form resembles Kevin Smith, but that’s why Hot Topic employees deserve a metal. Not only are they selling shirts that read “Can’t Sleep Clowns Will Eat Me,” but also they are the keepers of the peace between the human realm and the dragon realm, using the calming language of “Oh my goodness” and “Honest in all honesty.”

Originally posted by Twitter user @pamyuprince, the words of the Hot Topic employee shall ring through time, so that all may hear the dragon lord'a dictation. Also, someone made a mockup of one of their best lines on a shirt:

finnish government offering guaranteed income to the unemployed
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While everyone’s packing their bags for Canada, the smart ones will be headed for Finland.

“Why Finland?” you ask. Well, the Finnish government is going to be the first European country to pay the unemployed a basic monthly income of €560 or $587.

This isn’t just done for nothing. This is a social experiment, which aims to “cut government red tape, reduce poverty and boost employment, according to The Guardian.


The experiment won’t be open to everyone, but rather 2,000 randomly picked citizens who are already on unemployment. The trial will run for the next two years.

Olli Kangas of KELA, the Finnish government agency responsible for the program said of the experiment, “It’s highly interesting to see how it makes people behave. Will this lead them to boldly experiment with different kinds of jobs? Or, as some critics claim, make them lazier with the knowledge of getting a basic income without doing anything?”

Either way: